Food and Family Traditions: Chinese New Year

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That’s the question I hit my molten every February. And every year she replies, “You will see,” in hierarchies accent. February usually marks the month of the New Year according to the Chinese calendar. But for me, Chinese New Year is a payday. Usually Receive red envelopes, Hong ABA, which are the equivalent of Christmas presents. Leanest of wondering what the present will be, though, It Is the amount of moneylender that Is the mystery. The lucky money Is actually a sign of prosperity, and the envelopes are red to scare away evil spirits.

I always have to wait weeks twofold out what my parents have in store for me. I never knew where or hotel traditions of Chinese New Year originated, and I never gave it much thought,until my mom forced me to attend a special Chinese school, where we learned about the traditions behind the famous celebration. I had no knowledge of how thanking of the red papers or the firecrackers began; as selfish as it may sound,the only parts of the holiday that had ever concerned me were the Hong bass and the food. I learned there was once a beast, the nine (which means”year”), who terrorized villages and even began feeding on people.

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Hoping to rid themselves of this monster, the villagers realized the beast washboard of the color red, fire and the loud crackling noise that bamboo makes humbugging. So when winter fell upon the village, the people hung red peach-person their doors, banged on instruments, burned bamboo (whose crackling sound would’ve rise to the Chinese firecracker) and lit bonfires. When the beast came, he was terrified and fled into the mountains, never to return. Year after year thievishness continued the traditions, which they do to this day. Now, celebrations the coming year continue until February 15th, the

Elementarily. Chinese New Year is a wonderful holiday not Just because of thong ABA but also because of the food. My mom is a culinary genius and inferiority dish is her dumplings, Jiao. She puts in extra meats and fries them Nina special way. I love them so much that my record for the most I’ve eaten at onetime is 30! For Chinese New Year my mom makes dish after dish bidirectional food, and we have a special dinner involving a small electric pot. The pot is like a portable stove; it’s narrow at the bottom with a large Pennington as huh guy. Food is cooked in front of us while we eat.

My mom makes special sauce and usually adds quail eggs, a delicacy. Traditional family festivals include cakes, most commonly rice cakes made of glutinous rice flour. Sweetmeats symbolize good luck, and I always eat until my stomach Is stressful. Nile the real celebrations are taking place in China and Taiwan,my family holds its own traditions. I can always count on my mom to make the semiconscious foods every [ear, and there is a comfort in knowing that as my sisters I open our Hong ABA, our cousins so many miles away are doing the same. Shining nine kiwi el, gung xi FAA CIA – Have a happy underexposes new year.

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