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France Borel “The Decorated Body” Response Sample

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Borel’s thesis is: The organic structure is non a merchandise of nature. but of civilization. I agree with Borel because most of the determinations we make are based on societal norms. Borel put organic structure alteration in a really negative visible radiation. In our civilization. alteration is wished for. Borel gave many illustrations of alterations that are forced. That makes me believe that comparing the two seems unjust. For me. at least. organic structure alteration is self-expression. It seems that organic structure alteration for other civilizations and folks is for more than self-expression.

it is to look worthy to others around you. The illustrations of ornamentation and disfiguration in the article were awful. All were forced upon people. non wished for. I one time read about a folk that gauges the lower lip until it is a immense hole. It is difficult to understand their rites because we are biased towards all that we know. We know that coercing people to modify their ain organic structure is incorrect.

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France Borel “The Decorated Body” Response Sample
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but to the other civilization it is something that needs to be done. We can merely genuinely understand their traditions by being a portion of their civilization.

I agree with our ain thought of alteration. if wished upon. Some alterations are non needed. What I believe is this: It is your organic structure. you do what you want with it. Nothing should be forced upon anyone. surely non painful alterations merely to be accepted by equals. I besides believe that we can non understand anyone else’s civilization unless we were born within that civilization. Has Borel done field work with any of those civilizations to calculate out why they do any of the disfigurations? Yes. it is incorrect to us. but merely because we already have our ain thought of what is ethical and unethical. Since we are biased towards our ain culture’s beliefs. so we can ne’er genuinely understand another civilization. Humans will ever experience the demand to belong. to be the best. or to stand out in a good manner.

In our civilization. modifying the organic structure becomes self-expression. demoing off our position. and/or doing ourselves experience good in our tegument. Borel says that the human flesh in its natural signifier is endangering and I sort of agree with that statement. Most misss are afraid to travel without do up because of what people might state about them in their natural province. Girls wear jewellery to complement their beauty. nice apparels to show the sort of individual they are. and do up to hide any defects. Worlds are obsessed with this thought of flawlessness and the lone manner to go perfect is to modify the human organic structure because of its defects.

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