The Harmful Effects of Body Piercings on the Body

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This essay discusses the social aspects of body piercing and how it can affect an individual’s first impressions, social groups, and job prospects. The essay highlights that body piercing can cause people to make assumptions about an individual’s character, leading to biased treatment in stores and workplaces. While certain places may search for a particular look that includes piercing, employers may still have policies against it. The essay concludes that stereotypes are attached to piercing, and individuals may be judged based on their physical appearance. Ultimately, the only solution is to surround oneself with accepting people and workplaces.

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Many teenagers and young adults possess body piercings, varying from belly buttons to tongues. The impacts of these piercings may affect individuals socially and physically. This essay will discuss the social aspects of body piercing, including first impressions, types of friends, and job prospects.

The initial impact is significant for many people. Body piercing can be perceived as scary or intimidating by some individuals. Those who have a piercing may experience different treatment while in a store. They might be subject to closer scrutiny to prevent theft solely based on their piercing. Certain sales clerks may behave this way due to the perception that the customer is potentially harmful or suspicious. These assumptions are often associated with other physical attributes like race or attire.

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Social groups vary and can have different criteria for acceptance or rejection. Body piercing can be a determining factor in whether someone is accepted or rejected from a group. There is an assumption that individuals with body piercing automatically fit in with a group, possibly because the group is into music and the musicians they admire also have piercings. Conversely, those with body piercing might be rejected from a group based on this characteristic.

The employment impact of body piercing should not be underestimated as it has sparked debates and raised concerns in fast food establishments. Visible piercings during job interviews may create a sense of intimidation or negativity for the interviewer, leading to potential issues. It is possible that companies have policies against body piercings due to perceiving them as signs of immaturity or irresponsibility. Some individuals consider these piercings as self-mutilation, which can further affect how employers and/or interviewers perceive applicants with visible piercings, seeing them as lacking respect for their own bodies.

Regrettably, employers may possess unconscious biases towards body piercing, and there is no scientific method to eradicate this bias. Consequently, individuals have two alternatives: either removing their piercings or opting not to get them altogether. Nevertheless, it is crucial to recognize that not everyone holds a negative view of body piercing in general.

In reality, certain establishments actively search for individuals with specific appearances that may incorporate piercings. Tattoo parlors or piercing studios, for instance, are renowned for employing individuals who possess piercings.

In conclusion, piercing often attracts stereotypes, and whether the pierced person approves or not, they will face judgment. We are constantly assessed by everyone, including ourselves, and we also pass judgment on others. Although mostly unconscious, this phenomenon is still apparent. It is one of society’s many disadvantages that cannot be controlled. The only remedy is to surround oneself with individuals who share similarities, living and working in an environment where every physical and mental characteristic is embraced.

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