Frankenstein – Dr.Frankenstein was the real monsters Essay

We have all heard or seen the story of Frankenstein one time or another, whether it be the recent horror movie version "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" or the classic comedy version of "Young Frankenstein".But like the saying goes, "the book is always better than the movie".And once again, in the case of the Frankenstein aka The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, I would have to agree.The book is the retelling of Frankenstein's story told to, Robert Walton, a sailor who agrees to find the monster and kill him once Frankenstein dies.

Frankenstein begins by telling of his childhood and his parents and of his craving for knowledge, which eventually leads him to study the sciences and create his monster.Unfortunately, due to the monster's ugliness, everyone he meets is frightened and runs in fear, including his creator, Frankenstein. In my opinion, the monster is not a monster in any sense.

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Frankenstein – Dr.Frankenstein was the real monsters
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Although he was artificially created, it's very clear from the story that he has feelings and emotions just like any human.It's almost as if he's a gentle giant.Every person he meets, he tries to befriend, only wanting his or her friendship in return.However, due to his appearance and tremendous size, these people are frightened by him.The monster doesn't go on rampages killing everyone, but rather in a way he is the good guy in the story.Society is to blame for any damage he causes.It's only because society's lack of acceptance for the monster being "different" that he destroys and kills. Adding to this, the reader should not feel sorry for Dr. Frankenstein.Of all people, he should have been the one to love the monster and to take care of him, as if the monster is his child.But he doesn't.What is thefirst thing Frankenstein does when he brings the monster to life?He runs in fear from the monster.It's not the monster&apos…

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