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How do historical monsters differ from modern monsters? Essay



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    Monster When a newborn baby enters this overwhelming world, they are immediately being prepared to live in society and take care of themselves. Starting with pregnancy, the incredible bond that a mother and child share, the emotional bond begins. The child is completely dependent on its mother for physical survival like oxygen and nutrients. During the critical years of age 0-3, nurturing is most important. If a child does not get the sufficient emotional support that he needs to develop his distinctive sense of self, then he will suffer emotional deprivation.

    John Cooper describes emotion deprivation as a result of a number of things (or lack of) taking place in ones’ childhood. These things usually occur between the ages of 0-3 years and can not only shape ones personality, but can determine the types of behaviors this individual may possess as an adult. During the course of such early years, the child has no sense of self, and relies on their caregiver for all basic needs. This person doesn’t necessarily have to be the biological mother. It can be a nanny, father, grandmother, and so forth. The child at this stage sees himself or herself in this person.

    Monster was based on the true story of one of the country’s first female serial killers; Aileen Worsen. She suffered a harsh childhood full of neglect, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. After being raped as a young girl, nobody would believe what’s happened to her. This led to the continuation of her sexual abuse and she eventually turned to prostitution to take care of herself. After being shunned by her family, she was left to drop out of school and turn to prostitution by the age of 13. That same year she became pregnant and decided to give the baby up for adoption.

    She was a highway reconstitute for many years and attempted to kill herself one night before going into a gay bar and meeting a young woman but the name of Sells. Sells was the first person who was nice to Aileen and didn’t want anything from her to but to talk. After being abused and taken advantage of for so many years, it was refreshing for someone like Sells to come into Allen’s life. Sells came from a church-going, working family who didn’t want to accept this new person she was spending time with. Aileen makes a promise to take care of Sells if she stays with her.

    At this point, Aileen was finally tarring to feel like a human being. Happy and looking forward to someone every day. It wasn’t until she was in her ass’s when she finally found someone who actually cared about her. She lacked the nurturing as a child and at first wasn’t too fond of Sells taking interest in her because she wasn’t a lesbian. After being raped one night during her work, Aileen shoots a man with his own gun in an act of self-defense. During this scene, while he’s ad and laying there, she continues to scream. You can almost feel her taking a breath and releasing. Finally fighting back and taking charge after years of abuse.

    She steals his car and wallet and decides that very night to quit being a prostitute. Sells eventually gets Aileen to go back to her old lifestyle after realizing Aileen can’t get a job. Aileen continues to kill these men and steal their cars and money as a way to provide for her girlfriend and eventually goes to jail for murder. Alien was so caught up into finally finding love that she kept her loyalty to Sells after getting arrested. And although Sells testified against her In court, she never mentioned a word about Sells being an accessory to all the crimes that Aileen committed for her.

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