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Gay Adoption Should Be Legally

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Gay Adoption Introduction: It has been a controversial issue for many years, whether a person who chooses to engage in homosexual relations should be granted the right to adopt a child. It is morally unethical for society to dictate whether one is physically, emotionally and mentally capable of raising a healthy child purely off of their sexual orientation. A parent is not defined by one’s ability to bear a child but one’s ability to raise a child in a nurturing and loving environment.

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Gay Adoption Should Be Legally
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Who am I or any one for the matter to Judge whether that precious gift of parenthood should be taken away from one because they have chosen to love differently from the norm. The most essential point that I must make an emphasis on is that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice not a disease, nor is it contagious. Therefore I do not believe nor has research given any logical justifications as to why homosexual couples should not legally be allowed to adopt a child if that is within their wishes.

However, our government has yet to fully agree with their wishes and have made drastic changes to our laws making it extremely difficult for gay adoption to be successful. Outline l. Gay adoption laws a. Passed in Massachusetts in 1851 b. Joint adoption c. Second parent adoption II. Theories on the effects of gay adoption a. The definition of marriage and parenting is being altered b. Homosexual parents will influence their children’s sexuality c. A father figure is a necessity in a household d.

Homosexuality vs.. Legislation e. Homosexuality influences a violent lifestyle Ill. Positive effects on gay adoption a. Children who age out of foster care b. Children are also raised by their environment c. Traditional families are no longer traditional Conclusion: It has been said that our future generation are being harmed by the new formation of non-traditional families and that these families are dangerous to the well-being of our children. These statements are controversial, unethical and idiotic.

We are living n a society where the word “typical” is no longer common. Same-sex couples have only caused harm to the part of our society that has chosen to be narrow minded. However, research has been unsuccessful in proving that same-sex adoption is harmless to society or our children. Gay adoption should not be viewed as an evil act. It should instead be seen as a chance for a child to be raised in a loving and nurturing environment that will give them a home and will allow them to develop into a well-adjusted individual.

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