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Gender roles in America

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Present society still bears the influence from previous centuries of male dominated history.  While more and more rights are accorded to women and more and more women are making a name for themselves in the realms considered all male, it still cannot be denied that there exists an invisible barrier that still somehow separates the males from the females.  The male stereotype is considered and known to be strong, hard, stiff, and rough around the edges.  The female stereotype on the other hand is supposed to be sensitive and generally not as strong as men but more emotional.

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Gender roles in America
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            The invisible barrier that exists prevents the participants from crossing over to the other realms.  A man is not supposed to do what the woman does while the woman cannot do what the men are tasked with.  Ideally this set up is for the best because it takes advantage of the strengths of both of the sexes.  Yet as we have seen time and again and because perhaps of the changing perceptions of sex and dominance the distinctions and barriers that have once existed are slowly getting blurred; men upon occasion emerge as champions in the domain of women such as cooking and women too have been known to excel and be even more vicious than men in the realm of business.

Such thinking is taboo in today’s society as people insist that there is a need for boundaries and definitions.  The lines that have been drawn to define who we are have limited our own potential to become much greater.  There are instances however that reveal that these boundaries may not be around for much longer and that society may have come to a realization that there is nothing wrong with a man wanting to feel beautiful and nothing wrong with a woman who wants to feel strong and tough.  The growing trend of being a metrosexual is one of those things as more and more men buy products to make themselves more attractive and the same thing can be said of having more and more women compete in sports because it makes them feel stronger and tougher.

The problem with the societal constraints on experiencing and being proud of one’s sexuality is that there is no definition that is able to cater to the different type of needs that people have.  There “fetishes” exhibit themselves in different forms but all provide the same satisfaction to the person, the accentuation of one’s one sexuality, be it as a male or as a female.  As such,   I envision a time when there will no longer be any right or wrong way to become a man or a woman; a time when all distinctions as to gender will only become relevant during reproduction.  When God took out the rib of Adam to create Eve he did not say that Eve was inferior or weaker.  What God was trying to tell us is that Eve is a part of you and only when the other rib is joined with the rest will you feel complete.


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