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I have to acknowledge when I foremost got word of this assignment I was really eager to run out and interview Dan Duquette. I mean what could perchance be better than running the Redsox. However, as the semester went on and talkers came into talk, my positions changed. I decided that I wanted to interview person in a place that I would wish to be in one twenty-four hours. I contacted the General Manager of the Lowell Spinner’s and the Pawtucket Redsox’s, believing that a occupation like that would non wholly be out of range someday.

Once once more I changed my head after listening to speech. I decided so that although it would be great to work for a ball squad, ( and I still might someday ) , I was non willing to do such forfeits that are necessary for the place. So I went down to the promenade and I talked to employees at Footlocker, Olympia, MVP and GNC to happen out any information I could about their callings. I received a call from a regional director of the General Nutrition Center, ( GNC ) and they asked me to come down.

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The Interviewee’s name for my Undertaking is. She is the general director of GNC, or General Nutrition Center. Her office is on Hanover Street in. I met with Jessica Masters and I had several inquiries prepared for her. I wasn’t really familiar with GNC but knew it was geared towards the jock. I asked her about the shop and she told me that they fundamentally made vitamins and addendums that helped the jock, trainer, or anyone, become healthier. She used Mark MacGuire as an illustration of a athletics figure who uses what her shop has to offer.

Jessica described her typical twenty-four hours as hectic. She has a batch of paperwork and direction duties such as hiring and fire of employees. She said she liked most, interacting with clients and assisting people find what they specifically need. Each individual is alone with different demands so it can be fulfilling to research what nutrition helps the most. Working overtime is the one thing Jessica dislikes most she says that she frequently has to work 50 plus hours a hebdomad. I so asked her what skills were of import for this sort of occupation. She told me that by far the most of import thing was the ability to sell, she said that she is ever selling something, even if it is to her foreman or employees, I asked how she got into the field and she told me that her hubby was a trainer and he used many of GNC merchandises and knew person in the company.

To reason the interview I asked if she would hold any advice as to how I would acquire a occupation with GNC after I finished school. Jessica told me that the best thing to make would be to work in one of the local retail shops until I graduated, so she gave me an application and said that she would hold person get in touch with me. She had non heard of the athletics direction plan at New Hampshire College but thought an internship should be a portion of the athletics direction major. “Anytime you give pupils a opportunity for custodies on experience in any field, it can merely be a positive experience for both pupil and employer”.

On November 15th I was called in for an interview and a few years subsequently got a occupation working as a gross revenues associate at GNC. I merely worked for the first clip on November 24th and I am presently in preparation. I still have tons of clip to make up one’s mind what I will be making after college but I am grateful that this assignment has given me a possible option.

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