Genetic Essay

Genetic engineering I. Intro: (Beginning statement) Is creating your baby with a catalog equivalent to giving birth to one? Creating life in this world can be a wonderful moment in someone’s life. It could be coming up with baby names, wondering if he/she is going to look like mom or dad, and hoping that your baby is born completely healthy. All of these aspects of living come from bringing life into this world. (State position) Making your baby as you vision it in your head is should be the last thought in your head.

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This is called a designer baby. Were a couple sit down with a doctor and converse picking out eye color, hair color, health problems, height, and anything you do and don’t want for your future baby. Or even designing a baby just to use as your donor child, giving there body for a sibling. (Thesis statement) Even though genetic engineering could be beneficial creating a baby with a catalog is not thee same as giving birth.

II. body : (Reason 1) Designer babies have been debated for over a decade.

While some people believe designer babies can revolutionize life beyond our imagine other believe such a revolutionizing technique can cause harm to mankind in the future. (genegnews) (Reason 2) 48 % of people choose yes to prohibited genetically babies (genegnews) (Reason 3) It is defined as a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering, combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics (unspokenwords) (Reason 4)

Was first designed to help parents who couldn’t conceive naturally (sing) (Reason 5) Gender was the first major genetic trait picked (sing) (Reason 6) This lets parents select embryos that would make suitable “savior child” children conceived with the initial purpose of acting as a donor for a sick brother or sister (howstuffworks) III. rebutal: (Reason 1) Scientists jumble with babies chromosomes then cut or add chromosomes to make sure the wanted traits will appear. This is where people can choose blue eyes over brown and blonde hair over black. (unspokenworks)) (Reason 2)

Couples may go in for designer babies just for the stem cells and then give up the baby for adoption. (howstuffworks) (Reason 3) Couples may even go in for surrogacy and then even decide to abort the fetus at 7 months after obtaining the necessary cells (aljazeera) (Reason 4) Surrogate mother were paid to abort the child at 7 months and use the stem cells in beauty treatment (aljazeera) IV. conclusion (summary) (restate poison) (restate thesis) Even though genetic engineering could be beneficial creating a baby with a catalog is not thee same as giving birth (ending statement)

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