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George Washingtons

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George Washington has contributed greatly to our societies ideals. His ethics and morals helped shape the American nation. Washington made many contributions in the early development of America. His battles during the Revolution, the work he did in at the Constitutional Confederation, his rejection of the concept of monarchy in America, and of course, his work as thefirst president of America. His ideas have fashioned American principles, and for this he deserves all the recognition available. A stamp is a permanent tribute to such a great man.

Washington is a constant reminder of the triumphs of the America people. Firstly, it's important to review his duties as the General of the Continental Army. Washington was not a big supporter of Britain. He felt that America was an independent country under its' own jurisdiction. He also felt that it might at some point be necessary for America to defend itself. "….as a last resource… American should be prepared to take up arms to defend their ancestral liberties from inroads of our lordly Masters in Great Britain" (Washington, Encarta 2000).

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George Washingtons
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These ideas made him the perfect candidate to lead America into battle and in the mid-1700's, when he was 20-years-old, he inherited the position of adjutant in the colonial militia, which led him to his position as general, and a great leader for the country. It was a difficult position because he had little military experience, but by the start of the Revolution he was an old pro. The biggest problem he had was the lack of funding he received from Congress during the war. He also found it difficult to raise one set of new troops and manage a set of retiring troops. However, being the simple organized man that he was he managed brilliantly. One of the important events for Washington was his victory at Trenton. He was able to cross the Delaware and defeat the British all on a low budget…

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