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Giant hypermarket

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The Giant shop was a simple food market shop food market shop in one of the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. It was founded by the Teng household in twelvemonth 1944. Elephantine Hypermarket is owned by Giant Capital Holdings ( GCH ) and it is one of the largest hypermarkets in Malaysia.

It’s headquarter is located at Shah Alam. Selagor. Meanwhile Sabah-Sarawak-Brunei Regional headquarter is located in Kolombong Outlet. Kota Kinabalu.

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Giant hypermarket
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The first Giant Hypermarket shop was opened in Shah Alam. Selangor in 1999.The company had grown to run a sum of 86 hypermarkets in Malaysia with its mercantile establishment size runing from the 350.

000 square pess ( 33.

000 M2 ) hypermarket in Shah Alam to the 11. 000 square pess ( 1. 000 M2 ) supermarket in Bangsar. Kuala Lumpur in 2006.

Apart from this. the concatenation besides includes 6 shops in Singapore and 17 hypermarkets in Indonesia. Giant hypermarkets offer a broad scope of local ware. such as fresh local fruits.

veggies. and seafood within a wet market environment.The cardinal people to the success of Giant Hypermarket are the proprietor itself who is Teng Family themselves.

and Dato’ John Coyle which is the Chief executive officer of this company Giant trade name offers its consumers with consistent quality and the best value merchandise for money on the shelf.

Their most merchandises are obtained and developed locally in position of Malaysia’s copiousness in footings of natural stuff and besides fabricating installations. Giant trade name characteristics distinctive xanthous and green packaging which will be immediately recognizable and besides reliable.All of their merchandises are backed by quality warrant and the awards are competitively in the class. All Giant Brand merchandises are available in all Giant hypermarkets and supermarkets In Malaysia.

Giant is synonymous with mundane low monetary values. large assortment and great value and recognised for offering the most vivacious. comfy and complete shopping environment Giant. which turned 65 in 2009.

pioneered the construct of modern supermarket shopping – purchasing mundane food markets. resh green goods and fresh nutrients under one roof and in a hygienic environment.As the innovator. Elephantine sets the gait and criterions for the industry with advanced selling.

shop design and merchandise pricing and assortment. The list of awards for the Giant trade name is turning. Inter trade name ranked Giant as Malaysia’s 11th Most Valuable Brand in 2007. and in 2008.

the 12th Most Valuable Brand. Giant was awarded the Top Retailer in Malaysia and Best of the Best in Asia Pacific Retailers’ Award for 2 back-to-back old ages in 2007 and 2008.

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