Bear and Giant Panda

Aileron melancholia is a carnivorous bear and Giant Panda species of land mammal. Giant pandas have been on the Earth for at least 8 million years. But now its main habitats are only in Chuan, Shania and Gangs province in China. Aileron melancholia can live up to 18-20 years in the wild environment; but they can be over 30 years old under captive conditions. They live in 2000 to 3000 meters of deciduous broad-leaved forest and coniferous and board mountain bamboo forests and submarine coniferous rest and they don’t have a fixed nest.

Chuan has the worlds largest and most complete giant panda habitat where more than 30% of the world’s wild pandas live. Panda always walk sagely while eating and they prefer stay separate except in mating season(spring). They often sleep in the trees or bamboo. Their eyesight is poor. To save their energy, they move very slowly, however they can move quickly and flexibly to climb up the tall trees, and to be able to swim across a turbulent river. They usually live near the clear spring due to their eve to water.

The color of their fur is clearly black and white, it has a round face with big black rim of eyes, chubby body and iconic walking style. In average the sum length of its head and body is 1200-1800 mm and its tail is 100-120 mm long. They usually weigh 80-keg but the heaviest one up to 1 keg. Actually, panda are predators in ancient years, due to the change of environment, they had to eat bamboos or tender bin, bamboo shoots which are most nutritious.

They eat almost all kinds of bamboo in Alpine areas, forever, they occasionally eat meats such as animal carcasses and bamboo So far, there are less than 1600 wild panda in the world, 333 pandas are under captivity in China. The reasons which cause the number of pandas to decrease varies widely. Humans cut trees or bamboo and destroy their habitat. In this case, the lack of food has become more serious. To make things worse, panda’s food is very scarce. In recent years, the climate change created by humans has threatened the environment where pandas live.

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