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Glass Meangerie – Death Of Salesman – Raising In

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SunIn the stories, ³The Glass Menagerie², ³Death of A Salesman²,and ³Raisin in the Sun², there are many things in common. The mostcommon thing in all of them I felt was how all the families all had ³American²problems. In ³The Glass Menagerie², the ³American²problem was a family dealing with an ill member. It also dealt with a mother whowas delusional and not the nicest person. In ³Death of a Salesman²the main ³American² problem was alcohol. Alcoholism is somethingthat affects most families.

IN this play the family was also struggling to keepup with things which is something most of us face in life. Adultery also tookplace in this play which takes place unfortunately in some families in America.

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Glass Meangerie – Death Of Salesman – Raising In
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³Raisin in the Sun² as old as it might be, dealt with the prejudicethat is every where even in today¹s world. American¹s are constantlydealing with criticism for being the wrong color, overweight, or even in somecases the wrong religion.

The other ³American² problem¹s werethe father drinking and the issue of abortion. Abortion is something that hastaken place more in society every day. All these families despite there problemshad a genuine thing in common. That thing was wanting their families to bebetter. In ŒThe Glass Menagerie², all the mother wanted was for herdaughter to have someone to take care of her which was important to her. IN³Death of a Salesman², Willy only wanted the best for his family. Hestruggled in his job and was always upset when he couldn¹t reach his goalof buying something for his family. He wanted to better his career for hisfamily. In ³Raisin in the Sun², the main character Beneatha¹s(head of the house) son wanted to for fill his dreams in order to create abetter life for his family. He was frustrated when he realized that he might noteven be able to put pearls around his wife¹s neck ³like every wifeshould have², according to him.

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