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Arthur Miller Biography

Arthur Miller

Words: 1452 (6 pages)

Arthur Miller was a famous American playwright, born on October 17, 1915 in Manhattan. He was the son of Isadore and Agusta Miller. His play The Death of a Salesman premiered on Broadway in 1949 and brought him widespread recognition. In fact, he is considered one of the top three dramatists of the 20th century…

Arthur Miller Research Paper Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller

Words: 1227 (5 pages)

Arthur Miller, in his dramas, trades with the unfairness of society’s moral values and the characters who are vulnerable to its inhuman treatment. A good bulk of these dramas were really successful and earned legion awards. Harmonizing to Brooks Atkinson, a critic for the New York Times, Miller’s play Death of a Salesman was successful…

Arthur Miller Biography: Crucible, Plays & Marilyn Monroe

Arthur Miller

Words: 403 (2 pages)

The legendary Arthur Miller b.1915 has inspired and touched many with his famous writing pieces such as The Crucible (1953). Before venturing into the playwright profession, Miller majored in journalism in the University of Michigan in 1938, showing skills as a reporter and night editor for his school newspaper. Although Miller is mostly associated with…

Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”

Arthur Miller

Words: 849 (4 pages)

Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”With his 1947 play “All My Sons” Arthur Miller writes  an American tragedy dealing with the American dream of material wealth leading to happiness. Miller explores the American dream notion that hard work will result in material wealth that will lead to happiness. Miller finds this idea lacking and potentially damaging….

Authur Miller Biography

Arthur Miller



Words: 804 (4 pages)

Arthur Miller, a renowned American playwright, gained fame in 1949 when his play Death of a Salesman premiered on Broadway. This production solidified his position as one of the greatest dramatists of the century. In addition to this work, Miller has written several other influential plays including The Crucible, A View from the Bridge, A…

Broken Glass by Arthur Miller Sample

Arthur Miller

Words: 1290 (6 pages)

Broken Glass a drama by Arthur Miller set in Brooklyn. 1938. focal points on the tapering matrimony of Sylvia and Gellburg during the wake of Kristallnacht. This scene unravels the complex relationship of the two and how they eventually come to footings with the cardinal defects in their matrimonial relationship. We understand Sylvia’s status as…

The Crucible by Arthur Miller Theories

Arthur Miller

Words: 1184 (5 pages)

And Salem Witch TrialsIn The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the madness of the Salem WitchTrials is explored in great detail. There are many theories as to why the witchtrials came about, the most popular of which the girls’ suppressed childhood. However, there were other factors as well, such as Abigail Williams’ affair withJohn Proctor, the…

Biography of Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller

Words: 1898 (8 pages)

Introduction Arthur Miller was born in gin New York City on October 17 1915. He was a second born son of Augusta and Isidore Miller. Arthur Miller graduated from Abraham Lincoln High school, but he was not able to attend college due to the Great depression (Wikipedia, 1). After the great depression Arthur Miller was…

Dramatic Tension in a View from the Bridge Analysis



View From The Bridge

Words: 1192 (5 pages)

Trace the development of dramatic tension in this scene from the apparently innocuous conversation around the meal table to the closing tableau of the chair lifting episode which concludes the act This scene is the last in act one and is an important scene for building up drama and tension between the characters. Even the…

The Card game scene is an important dramatic scene in “Death of a Salesman”

Death of a Salesman


Words: 1270 (6 pages)

“Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller was written in 1949 and portrays, Willy Loman, a failing salesman in the last few days of his life. He is very caught up in the “American Dream” with the opportunity of success for everyone who wants it, and is driven mad by the fact that whatever he…

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born October 17, 1915, Harlem, New York, NY
died February 10, 2005, Roxbury, CT
description Arthur Asher Miller was an American playwright, essayist and screenwriter in the 20th-century American theater. Among his most popular plays are All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, and A View from the Bridge. He wrote several screenplays and was most noted for his work on The Misfits.
books Collected Essays, 1944-2000 2000,
education University of Michigan (1938), Abraham Lincoln High School (1932)
children Rebecca Miller, Robert A. Miller, Daniel Miller, Jane Ellen Miller, Robert Miller

It is rare for people to be asked the question which puts them squarely in front of themselves. “I cannot write anything that I understand too well.” “The jungle is dark but full of diamonds.” “I saw clearly only when I saw with love.”


Short biography of Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was born in Manhattan, New York City, USA, on October 17, 1915. His father Isidore was a successful businessman, and his mother Augusta was a homemaker. Arthur was the second of three children, with his sister Joan being the oldest.Isidore Miller’s business began to fail during the Great Depression, and the family lost their money and their home. The family then moved to Brooklyn, where Arthur attended high school.After graduating from high school, Arthur attended the University of Michigan, where he studied journalism. He also became interested in the theatre, and wrote his first play while at university.After graduating from university, Arthur moved back to New York City, where he worked various odd jobs while trying to get his plays produced. He finally had some success in 1944, when his play “The Man Who Had All the Luck” was produced on Broadway.

However, the play was not a success, and closed after only four performances. Arthur then wrote “All My Sons”, which was a hit on Broadway, and won him the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.Arthur’s most famous play is “Death of a Salesman”, which was first produced on Broadway in 1949. The play was a huge success, and won Arthur a second Pulitzer Prize.Arthur’s other notable works include “The Crucible”, “A View from the Bridge”, and “The Price”.Arthur was married three times, first to Mary Grace Slattery, then to Marilyn Monroe, and finally to Ingeborg Morath. He had two children with Mary Grace, and one child with Ingeborg.Arthur died of heart failure on February 10, 2005, at the age of 89.

General Essay Structure for this Topic

  1. The Crucible as an Allegory
  2. The Crucible as a Tragedy
  3. The Crucible as a Satire
  4. The Crucible as an Historical Drama
  5. The Crucible as a Tragicomedy
  6. The Crucible as a Problem Play
  7. The Crucible as a Morality Play
  8. The Crucible as an Allegorical Tragedy
  9. The Crucible as an American Tragedy
  10. The Crucible as a Modern Tragedy

Important information

Spouse: Inge Morath (m. 1962–2002), Marilyn Monroe (m. 1956–1961)

Plays: The Crucible 1953, Death of a Salesman 1949, All My Sons 1947

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