Global Economic Inequality

The consequence of poverty in children is complicated and causes the variety of different challenges for kids and their families. Although the system of the United States is showing signs of transformation, poverty remains a difficult matter. There is a lack of resources to make a change within the unfortunate schools and communities. Many schools and communities are not equipped and have enough support systems or programs to help them succeed. A change can be made by encouraging people to come together and improving the quality of education for all students by funding and providing opportunities.

To assess the school and communities problem at a micro level would be encouragement. Schools and communities should work closely together to fulfill the common goal of making the school and community better. Students and families are an important part of the community and encouraging each other and coming together can help improve the attitudes and lives of many. At school to ensure that every child is receiving the best education, there needs to be support in their learning and development. Providing opportunities for them to learn and develop skills will enable them to succeed.

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In the video (Love Them First) it demonstrated that you also need love to improve the person or system. When love was put into the system or the children, things started to change in a positive way. The people were all connected and created a great impact. It did not happen overnight, but the more love and time that was put into them a successful dramatic effect started to happen. The continous love that was given made the children feel better about themselves and their situation and as more love is given out it will make the community feel as if it is not so bad. When someone is loved they are able to have a sense of self worth and happiness. They can be confident and happy and not have to worry about anything negative that can bring them down.

What is needed to assess the needs as a macro problem is people. School- community partnerships will collect together some resources and strategies to improve societies that help all children and their families. People coming together help better schools, enhance neighborhoods and lead to a noticeable decrease in issues that are within the communities. Establishing a partnership between the people involves visioning, planning, and productive leadership. The support from people offers improvement within the school and communities. Coming together and creating a positive change is one of the best things that can happen for schools and communities.

When it comes to changing something for the better, people’s attitudes towards the situation need to change. When you think positive about a situation and believe there can be change, then change can happen. In “Love Them First” students were telling themselves they could not do something and that it will never happen, but Mauri (principal), teachers, and some others were there to encourage and tell them they can do it. Their encouragement helped change their attitudes and help them reach their goal.

Before any dramatic changes, there needs to be a start somewhere and that starts with the lives of the people. In second- rate schools and communities basic needs are not met within most families. Households across the United States are working hard to sustain the growth of their kids and support for their fundamental needs. Some families are stretched thin trying to balance home and business needs while facing health, cultural, and economic challenges. Prices for essentials like healthcare, education, etc. are continuing to grow and most people are struggling to pay for them. Economic pressures and emotional hardship negatively affect the well- being of young children and their families. Rural households and particularly households of color are highly affected by poverty those with the household stress which may affect their overall well- being.

Improving schools and communities starts with the ability to improve school- community relationships. Greater schools help create better communities and improve students’ chances of success. Schools gain significantly through the result of successful parental involvement on student learning outcomes. Benefits include improved connections with the people, improved education representation within the community, and improved family and community satisfaction with this education. Well targeted and general parent and community involvement will contribute to education improvement.

The help for young children and their families, with the main importance on the most disadvantaged, is to help kids be equipped for time and prepared for education, regardless of their background or family circumstances. This is supported by improving parenting expectation, self- esteem and parenting skills, and person and home well- being and living chances to change the conditions for people and that define the standard for education, development and care of children. When there was a positive impact among the schools and communities an considerable amount of change started to happen.

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