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Government Tracking Cell Phones and Devices

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The topic that I’m going to discuss is Government Tracking Our Cell Phones and Devices. This essay is going to be about why I disagree with It and why they shouldn’t be allowed to do it. I’m going to be stating facts and expressing my own pollens on It throughout the essay. Government has stated that they are now allowed to listen In on our conversation and testing other people. It Is a quicker way to help If somebody Is In trouble.

This doesn’t Involve all types of phones.

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Government Tracking Cell Phones and Devices
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The biggest brand that has been known to be tracked Is Verizon. Government said that during 9/1 1 that they recorded conversations. Do you know who Is tracking your movements when your turn on your cell phone, or what Is being done with that Information? These are questions that I recently had to ask myself after reading two insightful articles. The first was by Ronald Bailey called “Your Cellophane is Spying on You” and the other was by Terry J.

Allen entitled “Reach Out and Track Someone”.

In Ronald Baileys article, he explores the use of cellular phone tracking technology by law enforcement and their recent attempts to expand the surveillance laws to include more use of cell phones to track users’ movements without their knowledge. In addition he gives us some perspective on the idea of a big brother watching over us by examining what a future built on limited privacy expectations might look like. Allen gives us his personal perspective on tracking technology and explores abuses that might arise if we intention down the current path.

Both of these articles have given me insight into the use of tracking technology and make me question both the moral and legal ramifications of sharing information related to personal movement. There is in fact a moral and legal balance that satisfies the need to protect the privacy of law abiding citizens, prosecute criminals, and protect family and friends through the use of cell phone tracking all at the same time, and the name we give to that solution is the constitution.

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