Grand Canyon Project Milestones Planning

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Very limited budgets Due to the fact that we are all friends we will be able to get what we need done in agreement which is our strong point, for our weakness due to the fact that one of our friends is in a wheelchair it may cause some obstacles, there is a chance that the vehicle may not accommodate a lift transfer, also this causes some issues going down into the canyon, for our opportunities it would be wonderful for the four of us to see the grand canyon and tour around the area in which we have never been.

And threats are caused by our very limited budget, we may not be able to afford more than just the main trip which means we need to supply our own food and beverages just in case, as well as make sure we have the proper money for the trip in general. Success Criteria – Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon on super bowl weekend is challenging in itself. Making sure that we can secure a vehicle for that weekend, and that the cost of the rental fits into our budget. We are also hoping to get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon without any incidents, and just making sure that we have an enjoyable and safe time.

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Project Milestones Planning – Our agenda for this trip is first securing a vehicle for the trip, the cost of the rental and the insurance, the gas for the trip and the cost of the trip down into the Grand Canyon. Transportation -We will be renting a vehicle for the trip. (Many of the facilities at Grand Canyon are historic and built before current accessibility standards were set. The terrain is rugged with narrow, rocky trails and steep cliffs. Visitors using wheelchairs or who have visual impairments may need assistance. All park shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible.

Please note: wheelchairs larger than 30 inches wide by 48 inches long (76 by 122 CM) cannot be accommodated on shuttle buses. Most motorized scooters will not fit on the buses. A Scenic Drive Accessibility Permit allows entry for visitors with mobility issues access to some areas closed to public traffic. The permit is available at entrance gates, National Park Service visitor centers, and hotel lobbies. The Accessibility Permit also acts as a temporary parking permit for designated parking). Return Trip – Insure that we return home safely and on time so that we can clean and gas up the rental before returning it.

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