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Great Gatsby Storyline

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  • Pages 3
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    Gatsby entire dream revolves around his love and attempts to see daisy again. ” You’re just supposed to invite her to tea” (Fitzgerald 85). Gatsby dream relies on others actions and how they respond to his requests. This quote is a perfect example as Gatsby asks Nick to bring Daisy over for tea, so Gatsby and Daisy can reunite. Gatsby had a lot invested in this dream of his but the deciding factor to make his dream a reality was if he could get the help from people that he needed. “And it was from Cody that he inherited money’ (Fitzgerald 107).

    Cody was a very wealthy man that Gatsby saved and because Gatsby saved his life he rewarded Gatsby with money and other qualities and gifts that he would need to be a successful man in the future. With out the help of Dan Cody Gatsby wouldn’t have been TABLE to live the life he which most likely ruined the chances of him ever achieving his dream. There was only one major thing in Gatsby eyes that would jeopardize his perfect plan for him and Daisy. That one thing that stood in the way was what Gatsby wanted to believe was Daisy’s fake love for Tom.

    So he wanted her to admit that she always loved Gatsby and never loved Tom. “l did love him once- but I loved you too” (Fitzgerald 132). In order for his plan to work perfectly he wanted Daisy to tell Tom she never loved him at all. But Gatsby seemed more upset by the confession of Daisy than the fact that Daisy is actually married to someone else. Tom is aware of Daisy and Gatsby affair but he is forgiving Daisy because he has cheated on her as well but he still loves Daisy. “Go on. He won’t annoy you.

    I think he realizes that his resumption little flirtation is over” (Fitzgerald 142). For Tom forgiving Daisy for her affair is easy because he doesn’t value their marriage. Gatsby on the other hand because of the intensity of his love for Daisy he cannot forgive her loving Tom. He needs their love to be flawless in his mind. Gatsby dream is unrealistic because it would only work in a perfect world. Gatsby entire dream is centered around Daisy and being with her forever but Gatsby is living in a world in which everything goes his way and that is owing to an end. So he gave that up end the only dead dream fought on” (Fitzgerald 142). The idea that the dream has a will of its own and also the suggestion that maybe what makes Gatsby special isn’t his dream but the fact he held onto it for so long while everyone else understood how the world really was and accepted it. Gatsby really doesn’t understand how the world works and refuses to accept reality. “A promise that the rock Of the world was founded securely on a fairy wing’ (Fitzgerald 105).

    Here Nick implies Gatsby is out of touch with reality, the use of fairy imagery also suggest that Nick believes Gatsby is child like or immature. Gatsby dream is doesn’t take reality into consideration as he thinks everything will go they way he wants. But Gatsby is wrong is dream is very unrealistic because it depends on other peoples actions, Daisy’s love for Tom, and because his dream would only work in a perfect world. Gatsby possessiveness to achieve his dream is his downfall and ultimately leads to his death.

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