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Harborco planning document

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What issues are most important to you ?The two most important issues are damage to the environment of Seaborne and destruction of the basic Banksedge River Ecology. Obstructing or opposing the deep port projectForming coalitions with other parties who might oppose the project Being included in the project ( Not being excluded )Fighting for their causeWhat is your BATNA ? Reservation Price ? Target ?My main objective is to block Harborco from obtaining a license to build the deepwater port. If unable to block the deal, ensure that environmental concessions are made within the deal to protect and to rebuild the environmental and ecological integrity of the port area.

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Harborco planning document
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My target would be to get 100 points and reservation price would be 50 -60 points. This will allows us to compare the potential gains and losses associated with different issues.What issues are important to your opponent ?Securing financial funding from the Federal DCRLimiting union presenceObtaining approval from the FLA to build the deep water port.

Introducing new modern technology and limiting union presence Avoiding costs of paying compensation to competitorsGenerating profitAvoiding costs of environment improvements.

What is your opponents BATNA ? Reservation Price ? Target ?Harborco , which is a newly formed national consortium , consortium members are from variety of enterprises and are diversified among a number of commercial activities, they want to diversify into operation of the port. Ifthat does not go through , they’re already well established in their respective fields. They also can form a coalition with other states to build the port in their states. Their primary motto is to generate as much as profit as they can at the expense of environment degradation, not compensating other ports, taking Max loan as they can and giving no special preference to union workers.

Apply for a license further down the coast in a different state. Take the issue to court on grounds of economic developmentFind more financial investors , apply later.Make side deals with parties of the negotiation who did not vote for the project and reapply for licensing.What is your opening move / first strategy ? Other important information ?My initial move would be not to agree with the proposal which Harboroco has already submitted, Both of my important issues are not been addressed by the submitted proposal.

Industry Mix:The first opening move would be to vouch for “clean” industries such as high-tech production industries and exclude “dirty” plants which are harmful to the environment. My reservation price in this case would be to exclude the “most dirty” industries and allow a limited number of moderately dirty plants.Ecological Impact:The first move would be to stress on improving the ecological setting of the area by, bypassing the delicate areas during construction and dredging and proposing on-going fishery management and wildlife protection, creating a larger wetland areas and constructing and operating a waste treatment facility to treat effluents flowing into the estuary from the Banksedge River. My reservation price in this case would involve taking special precautions to divert construction and dredging activity from most ecologically delicate or important areas and relocation of habitats destroyed by unavoidable dredging and construction.

Other important information :Opposed to any “development” of coastal areas, especially development which threatens the fragile ecosystems, Adds to air and water pollution, increases waste disposal problems. Strict limits should be placed on the industry mix allowed in the area; Clean industries such as high-tech production plants be allowed in the area. All industries would conform to existing federal and state pollution regulations.

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