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Healing Hospital

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There is an ongoing and continuous debate within the health care field between the scientific and spiritual healing processes. Hospitals focus has shifted recently in that they no longer just treat ailments, but instead hospitals are starting to focus on the healing of the person as a whole (physically, mentally, and spiritually). This paper will address the healing components of a healing hospital and the challenges that form when a healing environment is created. Hospitals have been thought of as places to cure disease, but now new ideas are emerging about how hospitals should be, and how they should operate to better care for patients, families, and staff.

The healing components of a hospital according to Grand Canyon University (2011) are addressed through three main areas technology, physical design features, and culture. An overview of a real world hospital will better illustrate just how these three main areas are slowly evolving in a modern healing hospital.

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Bon Secours: St. Francis is located in Richmond, Virginia.

This health care facility opened in 2005 as a state-of-the-art facility with 130 private patient rooms. Services that St. Francis offers are: surgical, women’s services, 24-hour onsite neonatology, 24-hour emergency care, cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, urology, pediatric services, cardiac catheterization, MRI/CT, diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine (Bon Secours, 2013, para.1). St. Francis’s skilled team of caregivers provides services intended to address the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. The caregivers at St. Francis are specially trained to focus on the spiritual dimensions of health and illness (Bon Secours, 2013, para 3). Bon Secours: St. Francis (2013, para 1) prides itself as being a healing hospital through providing the most up to date advanced technology, a peaceful and contemplative environment, and having a culture of care. Bon Secours St. Francis hospital offers the most up to date digital technology, including, wireless phone systems for nurses, an electronic charting system (Connect Care), all-digital imaging, operating rooms of the future, patient rooms wired for the Internet, digital mammography, PET/CT and clinical imaging like echocardiograms, vascular and cardiac catheterization (Bon Secours, 2013, para 1). Technologies reinforce the latest delivery methods and caregiving processes for patients; technology also improves the working environment for nurses, physicians, and administrators (Park, 2012, para2).

Technology also helps to reduce human error and helps to improve patient’s privacy and security (Parks, 2012, para 2). According to Parks (2012 para 7) there are many hospitals in the United States that are striving to have advance technology to create a healing environment, while striving to communicate to the local communities that they deeply care for the individual (Park, 2012, para 4). The problem though with the most up to date technology is that it can be very costly not only to obtain the equipment, but also to train staff that will be using the latest and greatest which creates a barrier (Park, 2012, para 5) Evidence is currently emerging about the benefits of hospitals having attractive physical design features (Zborosky & Krietzer, 2008, para 1). According to Zborosky and Krietzer (2008, para 5) healing environments are designed to encourage harmony of mind, body, and spirit. A healing healthcare environment can enhance the outcome of patients hospital stay, and have an influence on the patients healing process. Health care organizations are becoming conscious of the growing body of evidence that is emerging, which shows the gains of having a healing environment (Zborosky & Krietzer, 2008, para 2). With ideas being generated from studies, health care organizations are incorporating ideas into the architecture, landscape architecture, and interior designs that can create a healing environment (Zbrowsky & Krietzer, 2008, para 2).

According to Zborosky and Krietzer (2008, para 3) these changes to healthcare environment can help prevent medical errors and hospital-acquired infections, while improving staff morale and efficiency. The barriers with creating a healing environment can be financial issues, and trying to get everyone on board to promote a quiet environment. Hospitals can be very noisy, but there are ways to overcome this issue such as: installing carpet in hallways, placing silencers on cleaning equipment, not allowing over head pages unless there is an emergency (Zborosky & Krietzer, 2008, para 3). It is also important for nurses to be educated on hourly rounding, so alarming equipment in rooms can be corrected. The surrounding environment at Bon Secours St. Francis is peaceful and offers a relaxing and meditative atmosphere for their patients, families, staff, and community (Bon Secours, 2013, para 1). St. Francis hospital’s environment boasts a chapel, prayer gardens, fountains, and walking paths.

These designs aspects have been incorporated into St. Francis’ environment to create an enhanced spiritual healing facility and to fulfill their Mission of bringing people and communities to health and wholeness (Bon Secours, 2013, para 2). According to Grand Canyon University (2011), culture involves a loving, compassionate, and holistic approach, which is used when explaining how patients are cared for in a healing hospital. If a hospital lacks the culture of compassionate care and employees committed to providing compassionate care, then you do not have a healing hospital (Eberst, N.D. para 10). To create culture of healing, health care organizations must first perform a self-assessment of the environment to identify opportunities to promote and practice healing (Jarousee, 2013, para 1). If a health care organization has values that endorse and reward trust, compassion, service and commitment to active learning then a healing culture can be achieved (Jarousse, 2013, para 4). It can be a challenge to promote a healing culture, but it is very important to provide all staff (physicians, nurses and other employees) with education and training, so everybody is in sync to create a culture of caring ( Jarousse, 2013, para 5). St. Francis hospital has created a mission of bringing people and communities to health and wholeness. According to Bon Secours: St. Francis (2013, para 2) provides staff, patients, and families with educational services in an atmosphere of hope and compassion that creates a culture of healing. From the book of Jeremiah chapter 33 verses 6 states “Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.”

If one experiences healing they will hold peace and truth within their spirit. In order for a hospital to be a healing one they must incorporate three components: technology, peaceful and contemplative environment, and having a culture of care. Bon Secours: St. Francis hospital prides itself on having these three components (technology, physical design features, and culture). As evidence continues to surface about the benefits of having a healthy environment, healthcare organizations are starting to integrate technology, physical designs, and culture to create hospitals that are designed to reduce stress and increase not only bodily healing, but healing of ones mind and spirit. While many of the aspects described for a healing hospital seem like new ideas in the healthcare field, it seems self evident that hospitals would want to provide a 360 degree level of care, utilizing modern technology, patient perceptions about their location, and a health staff designed around a culture of compassion and caring.

There is no one solution to improving patient care and healing success rates, which is why it is a multi-tiered approach to improve as much as possible in as many areas as possible.

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