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New Technology in Food and Healing

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Instructional Report

This is instruction for how to clean, and light a charcoal grill. The benefits of knowing this process, is a surface that is evenly heated, and ready for your favorite foods to be barbecued. The purpose of this procedure is to prepare your grill for cooking. The intended audience is anyone that likes barbecue, and wants to learn the proper way to light up the grill. Prior knowledge and skill needed to do this course of action is how to use matches and how to put out the fire if necessary.

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New Technology in Food and Healing
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Materials that are required are going to be:

  • Grill
  • Charcoal
  • Wire brush
  • Long matches
  • Grill cleaner
  • Water hose ,or fire extinguisher
  • Trash can
  • Dust pan

Warning: Grilling produces fire, which can cause serious burns handle with care

Required Steps

First major step is to clean your grill; you will need a wire brush, water, dust pan, trash can, and grill cleaner. The purpose of cleaning you grill is to eliminate any food borne illnesses that can be transferred to your food.

Begin cleaning by removing the grate from the barbeque pit. Take the water and completely wet the grate. After the grate is wet, scrub it with the wire brush, this will begin to loosen any debris stuck to the grill. Next spray cleaner onto the grate, scrub again then spray water to rinse off cleaner, and any debris that is left. Repeat the previous steps until grill is clean. One the grate is clean to your liking, set the grate to the side so it can dry. Next scoop out any ash, and remove any grease. I like to use a dust pan to scoop out the ash but a small shovel can work as well. Ash can smother the charcoal putting the fire out. When all the ash is out of your barbeque pit, wipe out any grease left at the bottom. If grease is left in the bottom of the grill it can cause flair ups, flair ups can cause your food to burn. Once you grill is clean you.

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New Technology in Food and Healing. (2018, Aug 10). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/new-technology-in-food-and-healing/

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