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Deployment flow chart




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“The clinical microsystem is the place where patients, families, and caregivers meet. It is the lotus of value creation in healthcare.”(Nelson, Batalden,, 2011) Lilly Walden describes herself as an active, athletic, and healthy woman. In her mid-forties she continues to run 2–3 miles 5 days per week. Lilly is married with three children and…

Patrick Dismuke, African American Boy with Hirschsprung’s Disease


Words: 1511 (7 pages)

Patrick Patrick Dismuke was a young African American boy, at the age of fifteen when the story starts, and a regular patient at Hermann Hospital. Patrick was born with a severe case of Hirschsprung’s disease, a disorder of the digestive tract, and was unable to digest his food. Throughout Patrick’s life, he spent more days…

Care of the patient with Clagett open-window thoracostomy.


Words: 3329 (14 pages)

The Clagett open-window thoracostomy is performed to give patients with empyema improved quality of life and other outcomes. Adult health nurses care for patients undergoing this procedure preoperatively, postoperatively, and at home, and must consider several important issues to prevent serious complications and facilitate family care.Postpneumonectomy empyema with or without bronchopleural fistula is a rare…

Assessment of the Patient with Acute Abdominal Pain


Words: 901 (4 pages)

Introduction When patients experience abdominal pain, a nurse is often the first healthcare professional they come across. This encounter can take place in various healthcare settings, including A&E departments, walk-in centres, outpatient clinics, primary care settings, and surgical wards. In the current healthcare climate, traditional professional working boundaries have become more flexible (Coombs and Ersser…

Reflective Account of Patient Interview


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For the purpose of conducting the patient interview, I visited my designated interview area, the Pharmacy unit at Guy’s Hospital, London Bridge, with my allocated partner, Ms. Kerry Layne, on the 22nd, November, 2002.Purpose of the InterviewThe interview was to serve as an opportunity for me and my partner to practice and observe the basic…

Annotated Bibliography Interdisciplinary care and patient safety



Words: 1425 (6 pages)

Background Situation awareness (SA)—the perception of data elements, comprehension of their meaning and projection of their status in the near future—has been associated with human performance in high-risk environments, including aviation and the operating room. The influences on SA in inpatient medicine are unknown. Methods We conducted seven focus groups with nurses, respiratory therapists and…

Report on My Patient


Words: 899 (4 pages)

Esperanza Cordero is a very troubled patient of mine. Her family lives at poverty level, because the father is a gardener and her mother is a housewife, and has moved around many times in these early years of Esperanzas life. Esperanza is very ashamed of things, depressed, but yet she is a very intelligent and…

A Patient’s Rights Sample


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A patient has the right to O.K. or give consent. permission for all intervention. In giving consent for intervention. patents sensible expect that their doctor will utilize the appropriate criterion of attention in supplying attention and intervention. that is. the doctor will utilize the same accomplishment the other doctors use in handling patients with the…

Rituals of the Nacirema




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The Nacirema have a unique perspective on hospitals, which they refer to as “latipsos”. In the Nacirema ritual article, they discuss and caricature their repulsive beliefs about what occurs in these institutions. According to Miner, the Nacirema view the body as ugly and dirty. According to the Nacirema perspective, hospitals are perceived in a unique…

Annotated Bibliography Examples

Health Care



Words: 773 (4 pages)

Medical Office Management focuses on business factors that affects a medical office. How it affects the objectives and how to achieve them. The objective goals would be to have more clients to increase more revenue. Current Issues in Health Economics analyzes the effects on the national health status. The issues of healthcare and how the…

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How would you describe a patient?
The words they suggested included respect, dignity, sensitive, understanding, gentle, kind, welcome, friendly, comfort, smile, compassion and communication. The phrase 'seeing the person in the patient' resonated positively with all participants: 'Yes, seeing the whole patient.
What is patient centered care essay?
Patient-centered care is the complete focus of the medical team on providing respectful care to meet patient needs, preferences and values guide decisions on each individual patient care. To understand the subjective view of the patient, these four aspects are at the forefront of their.
Why is being patient important essay?
Being patient allows one to gain better mental condition as opposed to others. It also helps people to become better physically as a patient person is likely to have optimistic thoughts. Kindness is a trait that patients people have in common. Being kind helps you to feel better about yourself too.
Why is being patient important in care?
Giving quality patient care can absolutely have an effect on health outcomes. It contributes to a more positive patient recovery experience and can improve the physical and mental quality of life for people with serious illnesses, such as cancer.

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