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Importance of rounding on patients


Words: 1354 (6 pages)

RUNNING HEAD: IMPORTANCE OF ROUNDING Increasing Patient Reporting as a Collaborative Effort Increasing Effective Patient Reporting as a Collaborative Effort Introduction: In order to increase effective reporting, communication is evident as a collaborative effort between the interdisciplinary team by rounding. Delegation is also a commutative effort by nursing, physicians and auxiliary staff. Both processes are…

Identification of the Care of Patient


Words: 2794 (12 pages)

Case Study One Identification of the Care that Mr Jones will require in relation to the safe management and promotion of wound healing This essay will focus on the holistic care of Mr Jones, with particular attention to the management of his wound. The points that will be discussed and analysed are the role of…

Patrick Dismuke, African American Boy with Hirschsprung’s Disease


Words: 1511 (7 pages)

Patrick Patrick Dismuke was a young African American boy, at the age of fifteen when the story starts, and a regular patient at Hermann Hospital. Patrick was born with a severe case of Hirschsprung’s disease, a disorder of the digestive tract, and was unable to digest his food. Throughout Patrick’s life, he spent more days…

Improving Patient Throughput in the Emergency Department


Words: 2636 (11 pages)

Improving Patient Throughput In the Emergency Department Introduction St. Vincent’s Medical Center, a 501 bed facility located in Jacksonville, Florida, provides general medical and surgical care to the North Florida Region. St. Vincent’s admits over 26,000 patients annually. The average occupancy rate is approximately 84% with the Emergency Department (ED) peeking at 100% for approximately…

Assessment of the Patient with Acute Abdominal Pain


Words: 5345 (22 pages)

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Because of a printing error this leaming zone article was not printed in full in last week’s issue. I t is reproduced here in full. Please use this version when referencing the article. Page 76 Guidelines on how to write a practice profile Assessment of the patient with acute abdominal pain NS344…

Report on My Patient


Words: 899 (4 pages)

Esperanza Cordero is a very troubled patient of mine. Her family lives at poverty level, because the father is a gardener and her mother is a housewife, and has moved around many times in these early years of Esperanzas life. Esperanza is very ashamed of things, depressed, but yet she is a very intelligent and…

A Patient’s Rights Sample


Words: 941 (4 pages)

A patient has the right to O.K. or give consent. permission for all intervention. In giving consent for intervention. patents sensible expect that their doctor will utilize the appropriate criterion of attention in supplying attention and intervention. that is. the doctor will utilize the same accomplishment the other doctors use in handling patients with the…

Care of the patient with Clagett open-window thoracostomy.


Words: 3329 (14 pages)

The Clagett open-window thoracostomy is performed to give patients with empyema improved quality of life and other outcomes. Adult health nurses care for patients undergoing this procedure preoperatively, postoperatively, and at home, and must consider several important issues to prevent serious complications and facilitate family care.Postpneumonectomy empyema with or without bronchopleural fistula is a rare…

Long Term Memory & Key Patient Studies


Words: 1497 (6 pages)

‘HM, an Unforgettable Amnesic’ (New York Times, 2008). Critically evaluate the contribution made by HM and other key patient studies to our understanding of human Long-Term Memory. In particular, refer to patient studies of the organisation of conceptual knowledge (e. g. semantic memory) and episodic memories. ‘Long-term memory is a system for permanently storing, managing,…

Reflective Account of Patient Interview


Words: 1519 (7 pages)

For the purpose of conducting the patient interview, I visited my designated interview area, the Pharmacy unit at Guy’s Hospital, London Bridge, with my allocated partner, Ms. Kerry Layne, on the 22nd, November, 2002.Purpose of the InterviewThe interview was to serve as an opportunity for me and my partner to practice and observe the basic…

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