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Essays on Patient

Report on My Patient

Esperanza Cordero is a very troubled patient of mine. Her family lives at poverty level, because the father is a gardener and her mother is a housewife, and has moved around many times in these early years of Esperanzas life. Esperanza is very ashamed of things, depressed, but yet she is a very intelligent and …

Care of the patient with Clagett open-window thoracostomy.

The Clagett open-window thoracostomy is performed to give patients with empyema improved quality of life and other outcomes. Adult health nurses care for patients undergoing this procedure preoperatively, postoperatively, and at home, and must consider several important issues to prevent serious complications and facilitate family care.Postpneumonectomy empyema with or without bronchopleural fistula is a rare …

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Improving Patient Outcomes

America’s health care system has become very complex with a rise in health costs, patients with complex medical issues, and Medicare cuts. Nurses must find a way to juggle the health care industry while maintaining positive patient outcomes. Patients will either have good or bad outcomes during or after their care based on the decisions …

Long Term Memory & Key Patient Studies

‘HM, an Unforgettable Amnesic’ (New York Times, 2008). Critically evaluate the contribution made by HM and other key patient studies to our understanding of human Long-Term Memory. In particular, refer to patient studies of the organisation of conceptual knowledge (e. g. semantic memory) and episodic memories. ‘Long-term memory is a system for permanently storing, managing, …

Improving Patient Throughput in the Emergency Department

Improving Patient Throughput In the Emergency Department Introduction St. Vincent’s Medical Center, a 501 bed facility located in Jacksonville, Florida, provides general medical and surgical care to the North Florida Region. St. Vincent’s admits over 26,000 patients annually. The average occupancy rate is approximately 84% with the Emergency Department (ED) peeking at 100% for approximately …

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