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Health and public policy assignment

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This is the amount of money in which you pay a doctor’s office based on the coverage of your health insurance. This is also a contributory payment by someone, (employer) C] towards the payment of health insurance 6. Yammerer information- This is when one party has better/ reliable information than the other. This therefore causes and imbalance in power. An example of course is Republicans and Democrats, there will never be a balance on their ideas. 7. Pre- existing condition- this is a medical condition that started before a person’s health insurance went into effect.

Questions to answer 1. Purchasing insurance as part of a large group is most economical. Why? A. Group coverage is extremely popular in society today.

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Health and public policy assignment
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Now the people who are insured under the group/employer aren’t apart of the organization for the insurance, rather other reasons, such as working. The employers usually purchase the coverage under a wholesale price, therefore resulting in a lower cost for the employees.

Once the individual decides to leave the particular group/ job, the coverage will in return be terminated. This process allows the insurance companies to benefit. 2. What should the role of government be in regulating lath insurance? . My personal opinion on this, is I feel that the government should be involved in health insurance. The concept that everyone needs and should have health insurance really does sound appealing to me. Some feel as though they really don’t need it, and shouldn’t have to pay for something they have no interest in, but realistically health problems can be brought on a person at any point in their life. Government agencies should provide employees with health insurance benefits.

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