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Diabetes and Nutrition


Type 2 diabetes

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A group of clinical syndromes characterized by hyperglycemia arising as a result of absolute or relative insulin deficiency is known as diabetes mellitus. There are mainly 2 types of diabetes mellitus, namely, type-1 and type-2. Type-1 diabetes mellitus occurs commonly in younger people with no hereditary factors and is due to absolute insulin deficiency resulting…

The Insulin Pump System



Endocrine system



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The Insulin Pump System        An insulin pump is a tiny and external device that shows result of small functioning insulin in about 24 hours per day. In a lot of systems, insulin pump is fixed with a thin plastic based tube that consists of a soft plastic needle or in other words “cannula” that…

diabetes mellentus


Type 1 diabetes

Words: 323 (2 pages)

My Independent Project is on Diabetes Mellitus, type1 Diabetes, or juvenile-onset diabetes. No matter what you call it, its all the same. Your pancreas has died and you have no other way to survive other than to inject insulin multiple times a day. I chose this project because I always enjoy learning more about the…

assignment on respect

Determinants of Health



Myocardial infarction


Weight loss

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In simpler form triglycerides are the natural fat in tissue. Cholesterol is a compound of the stereo type found in most body tissues, including the blood and the nerves. Cholesterol and its derivatives are important constituents of cell membranes and precursors of other steroid compounds, but high concentrations in the blood (mainly derived from animal…

Rosiglitazone maleate: combating insulin resistance








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Introduction Diabetes mellitus is a growing problem across the world. By the year 2010 it is estimated that over 221 million people will be afflicted with the disease1. Type 1 diabetes is the result of absolute insulin deficiency and is treated through the addition of exogenous insulin. Type 2 diabetes, non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM), is…

The Benefits of Assigning Case Managers to Individuals with Diabetes



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Running head: THE BENEFITS OF ASSIGNING CASE MANAGERS The Benefits of Assigning Case Managers to Individuals with Diabetes Denise White Florida Atlantic University Teresa Barret, MSN, ARNP NUR3160 April 15, 2009 There are many illnesses and diseases causing people to have a poor quality of life. Diseases such as diabetes (type I and II), are…

Hypoglycemia – Low Level Sugar

Determinants of Health


Endocrine system




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Hypoglycemia means low blood sugar or low fuel in the blood. It alsorefers to a distubed carbohydrate metabolism, since some people changebetween high and low blood sugar levels. When the body tries to work underthese conditions, mental processes are impaired and body systems arebroken. Hypoglycemia is sometimes related to other conditions like drugaddiction, alcoholism, allergies,…

Viability of Ampalaya in Making Chips Sample




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This chapter presents an overview of this survey. This subdivision includes the background of the survey. statement of the job and hypothesis. significance of the survey. range and restriction and definition of footings. IntroductionBitter melon or ampalaya is said to be the most acrimonious of all veggies of cooking in Asiatic states. Different states formulate…

Informative Speech on DIabetes


Informative Speech

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Not to mention all of the diabetic patients that I transport on a daily basis as an MET. But, ask yourselves this, what are you doing to prevent it for yourself? Body: I. The first step to preventing Type 2 Diabetes is staying fit. A. This includes controlling your weight. According to the New England…

Diabetes Mellitus Nutrition assignment



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When insulin does not work or isn’t there the cells glucose levels rise and stay high that is why people with diabetes must get insulin injections if their own insulin does not work. The types of microinstructions that the body relies on to make TAP are carbohydrates, fats, and some from proteins but protein’s main…

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How do you end diabetes?
Although type 2 diabetics cannot be cured, there are studies that show that it can be reversed. With diet and weight loss, you might be able maintain normal blood sugar levels. But, it doesn't mean your condition is gone. Type 2 diabetes continues to be a problem.
How do you explain diabetes?
Diabetes is a chronic, long-lasting health condition that affects the conversion of food into fuel. Most of what you eat is turned into sugar (also known by glucose) which is then released into bloodstream. When blood sugar levels go up, insulin is released by your pancreas.
Why is diabetes so important?
Diabetes, which is the main contributor to chronic metabolic diseases (CMDs), not only decreases quality of your life and increases your medical expenses but also increases the number of deaths from these diseases. Diabetes has been a major cause of death.
What is the main cause of diabetes?
What causes type one diabetes? Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas' insulin-producing beta cells are destroyed by the immune system. Scientists believe type 1 diabetes might be caused both by genetic factors and environmental factors (e.g viruses).

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