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Advantages of Swimming Swimming is a healthy and relaxing activity that can be continued for a life time - Heart Essay introduction. it also a good moment with family and friends. But swimming is not only for fun. Swimming also provides excellent benefits for physical disabilities. One of the best benefit of swimming is swimming after against breast surgery. This is because swimming can help us exercising all the major muscle group and avoiding muscular atrophy. Besides that, swimming also can help us to improve our capacity, this is because swimming allow us to use our arm, leg lungs all at the same time.

In addition, swimming also can help us to build our muscle. The reason is as you know water created more resistance than air so you need to try more hard when it come to swimming. For example, you have to try 12 times harder when compared to working on land. As a result this will help you to develop stronger muscles. Next , a major benefit of swimming is the improvement of the cardiovascular system. Regular swimming will improve the effiency with which the body make use of oxygen which in turn allow the heart to work less strenuously.

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The another benefit of swimming is it also can help us for our weight management. Such as, increase our metabolism, decrease body fat and most importantly it also can increase the body’s ability to use fat as fuel. In conclusion, swimming is undoubtedly the sport that anyone may practice. There ‘s no other sport there you won’t fell tired, get rid of tension and stress. You may think as long as you want and search anywhere. Swimming has the greatest benefit that sport may give you. And you can hardly find any disadvantages at all.

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