Herzberg and Maslow’s Motivational Theories Asssignment

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Undertaking 1

The essay discusses about two motivational theories one is Herzberg and another is Maslow. Herzberg theory is called two factors theory and Maslow’s theory is called Maslow’s demands ( Mullins, 2010 ) . The essay is besides discusses about how the supermarket director actuate his staff by utilizing these two motive theories.

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Herzberg two factor of motive theory was established in 1959 by Frederick Herzberg one is hygiene factors such as ; salary, occupation security, working conditions, degree and quality of supervising, company policy and disposal and interpersonal relation. Another is incentives it can be ; sense of accomplishment, acknowledgment, duty, nature of the work and personal growing and promotion. Hygiene factor demotivate an employee if no present. Dissatisfaction could be barred by betterments by hygiene factors but these betterments can non supply motive entirely. On the other manus Herzberg claimed that to actuate an employee there were certain factors that a concern could show straight that makes him or her feel satisfied in the workplace is called incentives. In occupation sector incentives are more dying. For case how interesting the work is and how much chance it provides for excess duty, acknowledgment and publicity. On the other manus hygiene factors are puting the occupation. For illustration a worker will merely better at work if a concern give him a sensible degree of wage and safe on the job conditions but these factors will non actuate him at his occupation one time he is at that place demands ( Mullins, 2010 ) .

Herzberg believed that there are some certain systems through the existent occupation that can actuate concern employees by accepting an independent maneuver to direction and by bettering the nature and content. That’s are ; occupation expansion means workers being given assorted undertakings to execute which make the work more interesting. On the other manus occupation enrichment that involves worker being given a wider scope of more many-sided, interesting and ambitious undertakings environing a complete unit of work. This should give a greater sense of accomplishment. Finally empowerment agencies giving rights to the workers to do their ain determinations over countries of their on the job life. The director of a supermarket can actuate his employees by giving attending to hygiene factors and incentives. For illustration ; pay might be one beginning of felicity but if employees are happy at their workplace so they can be motivated because staff can being acquire more of import services in their fulfilling working environment. However empowerment can actuate staff in work topographic point. For case ; director can give rights to his worker for taking determination and besides giving duty. Manager can holds forums every twelvemonth in which staff can be portion of the treatments on wage rises. This shows regard of the work supermarket director do and honor them. Staff can even act upon what nutrient goes onto its eating house bill of fare. Employees therefore become motivated to do picks that will increase their usage of the restaurant’s demands ( Mullins, 2010 ) .

Motivation is the process to carry through single demands and indicates to prosecute in certain specified behavior. The features of motive is it can be an single fact or multifaceted. However sometimes it is claimed, usually, as international. Furthermore motivational theories are forecast behavior. To actuate people at first demand to cognize what motivates them it can be economic wagess such as wage, pension rights, fillips etc. On the other manus it can societal relationships such as friendly relationships, group working, and position and so on. Maslow’s motive theory motivated human being by unsated demands. It happens when the lower demands are satisfied before the higher demands. Harmonizing to Maslow there are some basic demands which human being must necessitate to accomplish otherwise they can non motivated. These demands are called ‘deficiency needs’ by Maslow ( Steers and Porter, 1991 ) .

Those demands are maintain human life are called physiological demands. These demands are ; H2O, nutrient, slumber, air. If a individual is non carry through his physiological demands he or she can non be motivated. On the other manus a individual can fall into serious wellness status. When a individual satisfied with physiological demands so he or she goes for safety and security demands. These demands help people from any emotional and physical injury. These demands are ; occupation security, medical insurance, fiscal militias, wellness and safety etc ( Steers and Porter, 1991 ) . The supermarket director should give his staff harmonizing to their preferred topographic points. He besides need to supply his worker regular monthly wage and provides some sorts of installations like personal cabinet or eating house. The director have to supply the security of formal contracts of employment for illustration illness and pension. He besides need to corroborate about the wellness and safety in his work topographic point. Then when a individual fulfil his or her lower two basic demands so he or she can travel into first degree pf higher demand which is called societal demands. These demands are besides help a individual to pass on with others. Some illustration of societal demands are ; love, friendly relationship, belonging to a group etc ( Mullins, 2010 ) . The supermarket director have to promote his staff about squad and group working. It helps his worker to work as a squad and it is besides helpful for his supermarket demands.

However esteem demands are two types like internal incentives and external incentives. Accomplishment, self-esteem and self-respect are called internal motivation demands. On the other manus repute and acknowledgment are called external regard demands ( Mullins, 2010 ) . The director have to value underscore self-respect and besides he need to esteem his workers. However the director have to appreciate his staff for difficult work. Sometime he need to give them feedback and give opinion to admit persons influence and importance and celebrate accomplishment. He need to offer his staff for Personal Development Plans to place accomplishments and endowments. The director give chance for publicity and calling patterned advance programme. Finally self-actualization is the higher degree of demands of Maslow’s theory. When a individual fulfil his four basic demands so he or she reach for these demands. These demands are ne’er to the full satisfied there are ever some new chances to turn for these demands. Self-actualization individual have a wont of similar wisdom, truth, justness and significance etc ( Mullins, 2010 ) .It is about how people think about them self. The director demand to mensurate his staff success and besides their challenge at work. When the director can happen about his staff reached he can give them awards by making this he can actuate his staff’s demands.

These two motivational theories are really helpful for director to actuate his staffs. These two theories help his worker to work in his company as a squad and besides assist to run his supermarket decently. However these theories are must necessitate for any other administration.

Undertaking 2

In this undertaking the essay discusses Belbin squad functions and Tuckman theories. This essay besides discusses how director can use Belbin squad functions to actuate his workers. However the undertaking besides discusses about Tuckman theories and how director can use this theories in his work topographic point.

Black ( 2009 ) clams about Belbin’s squad function means a systematic manner to act, contribute and interrelate with others in a specific manner. Plants created thoughts or new proposals. It besides solve hard jobs in a work topographic point. The proctor judge are analyzing jobs, measuring thoughts and ever do the right determinations. However co-ordinator clarify ends, promote determinations and involve others in appropriate ways. Then implementers they are disciplined, systematic and love construction. Furthermore completer closers are perfectionists who guarantee that every inside informations is right. Then resources investigator they are good at researching and describing back on thoughts, communicative and research chances outside the group. On the other manus makers are generate action and do things go on. But team worker are diplomatic, popular and avert clash. Furthermore specializer they are professionally dedicated, individual minded and are prepared to construct up their cognition ( Black, 2009 ) .

Harmonizing to Belbin ( 1993 ) and Black ( 2009 ) makers are makers are generate action and do things go on. The trough ever necessitate to take challenge to better his squad. He has to be self-motivated and demonstrative individual. He enjoy while actuating his workers and happening the best manner for work outing jobs. The director shingles things up to do certain that all possibilities are considered and that the squad does non go complacent. He need to frequently see barriers as exciting challenges and he pull off his worker who faces jobs. There are some failings that may be argumentative, and that he may upset people ‘s feelings directors have to look at this job. Then completer closers are perfectionists who guarantee that every inside informations is right ( Black, 2009 ) . The director should be a complete closer. He can finish his undertaking at any critical status. The director make sure that there have been no mistakes or oversights and he give attending to the each and every individual undertaking. He will be all clip worried with deadlines and all clip force his worker to do certain the occupation is completed on clip. He described as perfectionists who is severally, painstaking, and dying.

However squad worker are diplomatic, popular and stop clash ( Belbin, 1993 ) . The supermarket director give support and do certain that people within the squad are working together efficaciously. He besides has to make full the function of talker within the squad. He has to be really capable in his ain right, but sometimes he needs to give precedence to his squad integrity and assist his worker who is acquiring along. The failings of teamwork may be a inclination to be guarantee, and to keep uncommitted places during treatments and decision-making. The supermarket director need to concentrate on that otherwise his squad can non execute good and his supermarket can non gain net incomes. Furthermore workss created thoughts or new proposals. It besides solve hard jobs in a work topographic point ( Belbin, 1993 ) . The director should be a originative pioneer and he needs to come up with new thoughts and tactics. He has to win on compliment but unfavorable judgment is particularly difficult for them to cover with. He ever introverted and prefer to work apart from the squad because his thoughts are so fresh, but he can be impractical at times.

Belbin ( 1993 ) claims implementer’s agencies who are disciplined, systematic and love construction. The director have to seeking all clip to acquire his undertaking done decently on clip. He has to back up his squad ‘s thoughts and constructs into practical actions and programs. The director has to be typically conservative and disciplined. He needs to work consistently and expeditiously and are really good organized. On the downside, Implementers may be inflexible and can be slightly immune to alter so director have to concentrate on this and necessitate to avoid this failings. Finally coordinators in this function the director can take on traditional team-leader functions and have besides been discussed to as the presidents ( Black, 2009 ) . He or she so can steer his squad to what they can comprehend are the chief aims of the squad for its benefits. Co-ordinators are ever first-class hearers and they are of course able to acknowledge the values that their ain squad members can convey on board to the sector. The function requires her/him composures and good-natured and delegate undertakings really efficaciously to suited members. Their possible failings can be that the giveaway excessively much personal duty, and can be seen as manipulative ( Black, 1993 ) .The supermarket director need to steer his squad to what they can comprehend are the chief aims of the squad for its benefits. He should be a good hearer and he should able to acknowledge the values that his squad members can convey on board to the sector. The function requires of the director should be unagitated and good-natured. However he need to depute his undertakings really efficaciously to suited members.

Dr Bruce Tuckman published his Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing theoretical account, this was in 1965. In footings of squad development and behavior, The Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing theoretical account provides a helpful account into these sectors. As a squad develops in adulthood and ability, relationships begin to set up, and besides the leading alterations due to the leader, this is suggested by Tuckman’s theoretical account. Opening with a directing manner, so traveling through coaching, after that participating, so completing deputing and about detached. At this point a new leader can be appointed by the squad who provides success. The old leader can now travel on to develop another squad ( Tuckman and Jensen 1977 ) .

Tuckman and Jensen { 1977 ) claims harmonizing to Tuckman theory that organizing aid to make a squad it helps to accept person’s attitude that they want from others and avoid struggle. This phase is really of import because team member can cognize each other, do new friends, sharing personal information etc. The director of the supermarket can give way and counsel to his staff. Manager have to fix answer tonss of inquiries about the squad ‘s intent, aims and external relationships. Then ramping aid to turn the squad. To execute good as a squad the members of the squad demand to digest each other and besides necessitate to maintain forbearance. When they keep making these things they can execute good. The squad needs to be focused on its ends to avoid going distracted by relationships and emotional issues. Compromises may be required to enable advancement.

However norming is the procedure for squad to put up their end and aspiration. All squad members have merely one end and same aspiration. Sometimes they give up or unwilling to portion thoughts because of their different ends and aspirations. But they have to avoid it otherwise they can non work as a squad. The director demand to put up ends and aspiration for his staff. Finally executing phase it helps squads to make their occupation decently without any job. In this phase members are motivated and acknowledgeable. They can do their ain determination and manage their jobs without supervising.At this stage all supervisors are participative. Most determinations which are necessary will made by the squad. Sometimes the squad can fall back back to earlier phases in certain fortunes, this can be true even for the highest acting squads. The long standing squads are the 1s that go through these stairss and can respond to altering fortunes. For illustration, a alteration in leading may do the squad to travel to the ‘storming’ phase, this is chiefly due to people disputing the bing norms and squad kineticss ( Tuckman and Jensen 1977 ) .

Belbin squad functions and Tuckman theories are really helpful for director to actuate his worker. These functions help his staff to work as a squad and perform good. By using these functions company can besides execute good and acquire net incomes.


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