High Frame Rate Makes Audiences Satisfied

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As the development of the screen and shooting technique, audiences are not satisfied with just a visible picture. Furthermore, they want to see more smooth actions showing on their screen.

First, the reason why human can see moving action on screen should be mentioned. “Frame rate (expressed in frames per second or fps) is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display. Frame rate may also be called the frame frequency, and be expressed in hertz.” The temporal sensitivity and resolution of human vision varies depending on the type and characteristics of visual stimulus, and it differs between individuals. The human visual system can process 10 to 12 images per second and perceive them individually, while higher rates are perceived as motion. Basically, it is to make screen display several pictures in a second. Also, because of the persistence of vision in human eyes, displaying more than 12 pictures in one second makes human mistakenly thinks that is a moving action rather than several different photos flashing.

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Videos with high frame rates help motion performance more fluently in the screen. The reason why screens can display videos is screens display several pictures in one second, which seems like a moving action, because of human eyes’ image recognition. Base on this principal, are more pictures displayed in one second making video more smoothly? The answer is YES. Therefore, more and more pictures displayed in a short time means the differences between the two pictures that are next to each other are less and less, which causes a more smooth video. In common life, there is no concept about frame rate, because everything is moving actually. The only event can stop human catching moving actions is eyes’ blinking, so, technically, we can seem the frame rate of the moving actions happened in common life is likely to infinity. It is obviously that higher frame rate helps screen display actions better, because it is more closed to what we see in common life.

From technique to human’s real feelings, why videos with high frame rate make people more comfortable? The first thing should be mentioned is that people who watch actions in screens want to find similar to real world. And it is suggested that videos with higher frame rate are more similar to what people see in the real life, which achieves the purpose why people watch actions on screen. Therefore, people get satisfaction. Besides, because of the characteristic of the displaying of screens, people are much easier to get satisfaction through high frame rate videos. The reason why people can see objects and colors is that the sun ejects light to the earth, then all objects diffusely reflect the shining direct lights to human eyes. However, most monitors eject shining lights to human eyes directly, which brings loads to human eyes. Under this uncomfortable situation, smooth videos caused by high frame rate tend to bring human positive emotion.

In the end, high frame rate videos bring people not only technically satisfaction, but also emotional satisfaction.

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