Diwali A Family Tradition Celebrated by the Hindu People

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Diwali is an acclaimed festival in India, known for bringing joy and happiness to people’s faces. It is a cherished tradition celebrated exclusively by Hindu people, spanning over a period of 5 days. Diwali comprises three integral parts – extensive preparation, family religious ceremonies, and illuminating the surroundings. During Diwali, preparations are in full swing but the time is limited to just two days, necessitating diligent efforts. In my family, my sister and I wake up early at around 4 am to create beautiful Rangoli designs using an array of vibrant colors in front of our house. Simultaneously, my mother and sister undertake the task of thorough house cleaning. They adorn the entire house with enchanting flowers and candles, lending a marvelous appearance. Additionally, they prepare a delectable variety of foods for the anticipated guests with an emphasis on sweets, which hold immense significance during Diwali. On the day of Diwali, numerous family members arrive from different towns and stay at our house for a couple of days. All these tasks are diligently executed in an organized manner.

During the third day of Diwali, we perform a religious ceremony and hold a grand gathering at our house. This annual event brings everyone together to offer prayers to the gods and sing songs dedicated to them. Additionally, many people observe upvas, a form of fasting, as a mark of reverence to the deities. Upvas entails abstaining from food for a day but allows consumption of water. Following the prayers, we organize a singing and dancing competition in front of an audience. The person who delivers the most impressive performance will be awarded a prize.

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Finally, the festival of light brings joy and happiness to many people’s faces, especially mine. In my family, I wake up early at around 4:30 to light the first firecracker on the street, symbolizing the start of a lucky day. Diwali is not only our new year but also a time of celebration filled with joy and happiness. During Diwali, we all wear new clothes and visit everyone in town, wishing them a happy new year. Following these visits, we hold a grand party which is trendy and open to everyone, including our neighbors. The party takes place at a big venue where we all sit on the grounds. Then, my friends and I switch off the main power and everyone lights mini candles, creating an outstanding sight. During the new year period, all businesses are closed for two days before reopening when we believe that Laxim gods bring wealth to our homes. Diwali is a festival of light that brings people together and fills their faces with joy and happiness. The Diwali night is illuminated with beautiful lights, just as I hope your life will be filled with colorful, magnificent, and magical light from the festival of Diwali. In my family, everyone thoroughly enjoys this festival.

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