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History of ISIS Essay

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  • Pages 4
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    In the history of ISIS, there has only been four leaders in the entire history of the organization, yet two of them are obscured of what is known of them, but the other two are well known.

    The founder and the first leader of the organization was known as Abu Musab al- Zarqaqi, whom was born on October 20 1966 in Zarqa , Jodan as Ahmad Fadeel al-Nazala al- Khalayleh. The name is known as is his war name . He grew up in a poor environment, this lead him to act out in a way that he dropped out of school, and started to commit petty crimes in which we could see later on that progressed in more severe ones. He was reported to have met Osama Bin Laden ( an Al-Qaeda leader) in Afghanistan, in which he received monetary funds in order start a training camp near Heart, Afghanistan. This camp, was when he began to recruit and train his followers in order to develop the intelligence and operations network in which he expanded in Iraq (training camp called jama’at al-tawhid wa al-jihad = Organization of Monothetism and Jihad). During the time that U.S armed forces decided to invade Iraq, al-Zarqawi was currently operation from northwestern Iran and northeastern Iraq. His organization work as an cooperative aid in regards to the attacks on the U.S led coalition. His groups were involved in varied with activities from assassinations to kidnappings to bombings. While he was a leader he was considered a galvanizing figure and the initiator as well as the spiritual and physical father of the Islamic State and ISIS that grew from this organization.

    Then we have Abu Ayyub al-Masri, theres no actual concrete information on him. Everything that’s found about his person are vague. Its been said he was born in the 1968 in Egypt, he was born as Yusif al-Dardiri or Abdul-Monim al-Badawi (its still unclear of both is exact name and his leadership position within the group but it was assumed he was one, he had aliases with Al-Qaeda. He was a muslim brotherhood member in engypt , he was repordluy worked with al-Zawahiri in the organization he started called Egyptian Islamic Jihad. In 1999 he went to AFganistan in which he received training in one of Bi laden camps, where he learned explosive skills, he also fled like/similar to al-zarqui following the U.S invasion and made his way eventually to Iraq in which he became a leafer of the insurgent fight. He also played a role in 2004 in fighting against the U. S forces in Fallujah.

    Fun fact that almost all of the leaders I the Islamic State of Iraq they earn their reptutaion in Fallajah that same exac year. He was stated to be the leader of the Mujahedeen Shura council- the same organization that’s been speculated that Abu Abdullah al-Rashid al-Badhdadi was claimed to lead.

    Speaking of Abu Abdullah al-Rashid al-Badhdadi, he has many aliases in which he was refer to as, its been believed that his real name was Hamid Mohamed Khalil al-Zawi. He was believed to be Iraqi and expected that he was a member of the Iraqi military. He became the de facto leader of the primary opposition group to the U.S. Led coalition after the two leaders of ISIS died. There little information in regards to gi person. He was report killed in April 18, 2010 by a U.S missile strike, his death was confirmed both by coalition forensics and by al-Qaeda in Iraq itself, and was killed in the same strike as Abu Ayyub al-Masri.

    And currently the leader of ISIS is Abu Bakr al-Quraishi al-Baghdadi, born as Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri al-Samarrai he was born on June 28 1971, in the city of Samara north of Baghdad, Iraq. Different from all the prior leaders, he is educated and has complited his studies in both graduate and doctoral studies (Islamic scholarship) He is known by his followers as both a warrior and scholar of the quran (being he is super religious). In 2000, he became a Salafist while still being an imam or a religious scholar leader, of the Haji Zaidan mosque in the poor neighborhood of tobji, Baghdad. We are unwae if he still participate in the actual opposition to the U.S -led coalition or he was just a bystander. Meanwhile, military records indicate that he was arrested in 2004, but as a civilian. He served some months in prison, and the he was realease after the 10 months, due that he was seen by the americans as a calming influence in hat camp, that was full of malcontents who participated in numerous riots (CAMP BUCCA) Once he was release he took the time to pursue/continue his studies and became more and more a part of the insurgency opposing the us. Led coalition in Iraq. In 2006, he became the senior administrator for the Islamic state of Iraq in Syria, his success within got him appointed to the Mujahedee SHura Council, where he was an influential in coordinating events and managing personalities. In May 16 2010, he was announced to be the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, in which he started utilizing the relationships he developed earlier to create space in the authority vacumm that arab Spring Eastern Syria had become. But then on June 29 2014, isis designated itself the Islamic state and his name got modify as Caliph Ibrahim. He has been one of the most important enigmatic leader of human history.

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