Born Leaders vs Made Leaders

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There is a debate regarding whether leaders possess inherent qualities or if leadership can be attained over time. Some argue that leadership is a trait that can be acquired and cultivated, similar to other characteristics. However, the definition of leadership plays a crucial role in this discourse. If leadership is defined as possessing the capacity and inclination to inspire and influence others, then it can be contended that certain individuals are inherently born with these leading attributes.

When I observe my sister employing her innate capacity to persuade our younger brother (and occasionally our parents) to do her bidding, it demonstrates that leadership does not necessarily have to be an innate quality. If leadership entails being brave and outspoken in order to improve the lives of those around you, then individuals who identify as introverts and usually follow others can still emerge as effective leaders when confronted with a cause they feel strongly about.

If we define leadership as possessing a specific intelligence, creativity, and/or drive, then my belief is that it is an inherent trait, although it may or may not be further developed throughout one’s lifetime. Each of us has certain areas in which we naturally excel and have a propensity for success. If this particular area happens to be one that ignites passion within you, you may exhibit qualities that are lacking in other aspects of your life. Therefore, even if you are not innately a born leader, you can undoubtedly surmount various obstacles and cultivate a strong inclination and capability for leadership when inspired to do so.

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