6 Leadership Traits That Differentiate Leaders from Non Leaders

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Leaders possess various qualities that make them successful in their roles. Firstly, they have a high level of determination, motivation, energy, and ambition which helps them work tirelessly towards achieving their goals. Additionally, leaders have a strong desire to take action and lead others, and they are willing to take responsibility for their actions. Honesty and integrity are also crucial for leaders to build strong relationships with their subordinates. It can be challenging to maintain one’s ethics and morals in the face of daily crises and changing conditions. Therefore, a leader must have self-confidence and be able to communicate effectively to their followers. Finally, leaders need to have a deep understanding and knowledge of their industry and technical matters to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively.

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  1. Drive: Leaderships have a high attempt degree. they are comparatively determined towards accomplishing an aim. They are motivated. full of energy and ambitious which is converted into working indefatigably in their activities. and they show inaugural.
  2. Desire to Lead: Leaderships have a strong desire to act upon and take other. This is demonstrated in their willingness to take duty. A concern leader who is non motivated to take. will rapidly be seen as a fraud in their followers/ sub-ordinates eyes.
  3. Honesty and Integrity: Leaderships build strong relationships between themselves and sub-ordinates by being true and non-deceitful and by demoing high consistence between word and title. Keeping 1s unity can be more hard than ab initio assumed ; – Daily crisis and altering internal and external conditions make it highly hard to keep on to their ethical motives and moralss.
  4. Self Assurance: A leader must hold a steadfast belief in his powers. Followings look to leaders in times of self uncertainty. Leaderships hence need to demo self assurance in order to convert followings of the rightness of ends and determinations.
  5. Intelligence: To presume leading functions. it is necessary to be able to pass on rational cognition at several degrees. Leaderships need to be able to garner. synthesise and construe big sums of information ; – utilizing this information to put to death right determinations. create visions and work out jobs.
  6. Job Relevant Knowledge: Effective leaders have a high grade of cognition about the line of work/industry and proficient affairs they are confronted with. In deepness cognition allows leaders to do intelligent determinations and to understand the deductions of those determinations.

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