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Hook Up Culture

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College and universities have made great strides over the years. The campuses have grown, and the resources have improved tremendously. However, it is questionable if that social scene on these campuses has changed for the better over the years. “Work hard, party hard” has become the motto of college students to live by. Students spend the week focused on their academics, striving to grow as intellects. However, the weekend becomes the time when students look to go out and socialize at the various parties.

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Hook Up Culture
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And this is exactly what the weekend is for. With growing causal party scenes, college students have been more inclined to have a casual relationship with the opposite sex. Traditional dating on college campuses is rarely seen anymore and seemingly has been replaced by the growing hookup culture. The concept of hooking up can mean many different things to college students. The reality is that the term is a general umbrella term for many different types of physical interaction.

Hooking up can range from simply making out to having a one-night stand. As a result, members of older generations find this term to be confusing. They question that if two people are ‘hooking up’ on a regular basis then why would they not be considered to be dating? Dating is a term that carries with it a sense of seriousness and commitment. The concept of traditional dating is not as much desirable among college students. College is their time of freedom, to go out and meet as many people as possible.

And, the reality is that when meeting a boy or girl for the first time, usually leads to some type of instant flirtation. Teenagers rarely want to have the stress or worry of being tied down in a relationship while exploring the college world. So, it seems that the casual act of hooking up allows students to have the best of both worlds: intimacy, without attachment. Although this casual act provides teenagers with instant gratification and pleasure, does hooking up opposed to dating really provide more satisfaction?

Hooking up does not hold the same emotional value as real dating. The lack of emotional connection can often leave a person upset, confused, and unfulfilled. Boston College freshmen, Caroline Gray says, “I think college kids are under a false conception that they have to hook up with as many people as they can to have a good time, when I believe that we can get more satisfaction out of caring and being cared for and by one person. ” So, what happens when someone desires something more? The majority of the time the person who is left longing for more than just a asual hookup is the female. Women, by nature, are more likely to become more emotionally attached, especially when it comes to sexual activities. However, most of the time, girls will be willing to play along with the game of hooking up. Perhaps, in hopes, that it will someday lead to something more. But, if and when it doesn’t, they can be left emotionally distraught. Girls will become attached to the person they are with and grow to have a sincere care for them. However, when it comes to picking a mate, boys are not as particular about the girl.

A study, Age and gender differences in mate selection criteria for various involvement levels found that “men should be equally as selective as women with respect to long-term mates, but less selective than woman with respect to short-term mates criteria (Kenrick). ” Boys are less likely to think about all aspects of girl when planning on hooking up with her, unlike girls. They are not as particular because they are just looking for short-term stimulation. Hooking up is a very casual act and there are many risks, for females in particular, that come along with it from the emotional risk to the physical risks, pregnancy.

Since this is the case, why are these girls so willing to engage in casual sex? These students, like most people, have a fear of ending up alone. When relationships and dating are the less frequent option, people still want to feel closeness to members of the opposite sex. The options are limited so therefore giving into the idea of random hookups and no commitments becomes the most accessible and in some cases, the only option. The boys, or even sometimes girls, are not looking for a significant other so the partners are willing to have random hookups in hopes to change the others mind.

In most cases, girls long for someone to truly want to be with them, for someone that they could possibly fall in love with. They engage in the hookup culture because they hope that these casual interactions will lead to something. As a result of this, the culture maintains to thrive despite it not being an ideal situation for most females. Despite all this, the parents of these college students really want to understand why college students are no longer dating. One fact is that dating requires work. It requires making plans and organization.

Unlike the parents of our generation, if dating starts on college campuses, it is most likely started from causally hooking up and talking and slowly turns into something more serious. But, students are less prone to want to invest time and effort with a person they barely know where they don’t know what will happen. They ask themselves, is the fifty-dollar dinner going to be worth it? And unless these often broke students can say yes, they are not likely to take this option. Rather they look for easier alternatives, usually involving cheap beer, flirting, and a casual hookup.

With the lack of causal dating, the hookup culture continues to grow. Not all college students have time or are ready for commitments so they resort to hooking up. This allows them to act on their attractions without commitment themselves into something more. The college-dating scene is seemingly disappearing and the middle ground between a serious relationship and a casual affair, dating, is gone. I do believe that the hookup culture is all too common, but its prevalence does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

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