The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place on Friday, December 14, 2012‘ This heart-wrenching occurrence sent a wave of devastation and grieve across the nation. The outlandish event was astonishing and unbelievable; the heinous attack sent many Americans into a state of fear. This shooting made it to the national and global news, grabbing all viewers attention, and sending condolences to Newtown, Connecticut, Many would criticize those that question this monstrous act, but several of the pieces to the puzzle are missing. The issue is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax The premises include: lack of information, knowledge, and failure to adhere to state protocoli The massacre was poorly organized The shooter, Adam Lanza, was twenty years old He has been labeled as unstable mentally and a manic depressant.

It was said that he entered the school with forty pounds of ammunition strapped to his body; Lanza only weighed 150 pounds, therefor he could not have added forty pounds to his weight, and manage to do as much as damage Within five to seven minutes, twenty-seven victims had been punctured with bulletst Twenty of the sufferers were children, while the other seven were adults, Although the National Shooting Sport is located in Newtown, Connecticut, expert gun shooters could not have made that much contact within that short period of time. Shortly after claiming the lives of these innocent individuals, Adam Lanza took his life. His death certificate states he was deceased on December 13, 2012 The main suspect in the massacre was labeled dead before the shindig happened. A social security number could not be found under the name Adam Lanza.

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If Lanza was in fact a legal American citizen, he should very well have some form of documentation According to the YouTube footage posted by Sofia Smallstorm, portal potties were at the scene For portal potties to be delivered, they have to be ordered in advance Viewers automatically draw conclusions that someone with authority and power ordered the portal potties, with a mindset that this would be a massive event. There is a local firehouse within minutes of the elementary school. The indiscriminate killing took place on the 14th of December; on that very same day, the firehouse had twenty-six Christmas trees placed behind the fire station. Coincidently, the number of trees matches the number of injured persons; the Christmas trees were arranged in front of the station in remembrance of the deceased The fire and rescue portion of the fire station ordered the Christmas trees for a fundraiser Twenty-six is truly an odd number.

Usually, bulk orders are made in increments of tens or twenties the first 911 call was made at 9:35am. News anchors were at the crime scene at 9:34 am. The news broadcasters were alerted in advance to have enough time to get to the site, set up, and start filming before the police were even notified. The calls placed by the bystanders are similar to the calls placed by the victims in the Columbine High School shooting. The callers in the Sandy Hook shooting did not have similar explanations about what was happening inside of the building Tweets were also posted before the mass casual incident occurred on social networks The post was time stamped with 6:00am; the authorities were called at 9:35am, Someone knew the shooting was going to take place, and yet they posted it on social networks, and called the news anchors, Whoever alerted the world before to the shooting , could have very well saved the individuals that lost their lives.

After the police and emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) responded, they entered the building, and returned with every Victim was dead. According to the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, “In the event there is a personal physician present at the scene who has on going relationship with the patient, that physician may decide if resuscitation is to be initiated . In the event there is a registered nurse from a home health care or hospice agency present at the scene who has an ongoing relationship with the patient, and who is operating under orders from the patient’s physician, that nurse may decide,..” In this situation the police labeled everyone dead on arrival. Police officers do not have enough medical training to determine if an individual should receive medical treatment. There were no crime scene photos released to the public. The victims were not Lriaged; no one was labeled as being in critical condition orjust having minor injuries.

Two victims survived, the assistant principle and a teacher. One of the victims had a gun shot wound, but she managed to drive herself to the hospital, where there was no record of anyone being treated. The ambulance was called, but they never arrived at the school. The ambulance was spotted waiting at the firehouse. Rather than get to the school to offer as much medical treatment as possible, they were stationed at the firehouse With the ambulance waiting at the firehouse, no one with adequate medical training was able to triage the victims and render treatment The hospital was twelve miles from the schooli Three victims were taken to the hospital, but they did not arrive until 10:35am, exactly one hour after the shooting occurred No one truly knows what the inside of Sandy Hook Elementary School looked like on the gruesome morning of December 14, 2012.

Of the twenty-six deceased victims, only one had an open casket funerali The other twenty-five individuals had a closed casket funeral in which the families were only allowed to identify the bodies through a photograph. Nobody was able to view the bodies of the deceased. The one individual who had an open casket funeral, had to have a cloth placed over their face. The authorities refused to release death certificates to the public. Dr. Carver, the medical examiner assigned to this case, examined seven of the bodies. His findings did not correlate with the police report. Carver told the press the long rifle caused the deaths of the bodies he examined. The police contradicted that finding by stating the long rifle was found in the car that belongs to Lanza. Carver attempted to sweep the wrong information under the rug by stating he is not an expert at identifying guns.

When Carver was being interviewed by the press he did not know the answers to their questions. It showed that he was not knowledgeable about the incident nor did he review his findings. The authorities should have reassigned the case to another examiner who has more experience and expertise in mass casual incidents. A helicopter was flying above the fire house during the shooting. Their footage showed many of the bystanders were circling the building in a calm manner. In the video one can see the individuals entering through one door, walking through the building, exiting through a back door, and circling the outside of the building to the front door. Many of the frantic parents were not dressed in business attire; many were wearing jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes This nonchalant task continued for several hours; occasionally one individual would be on the phone or others would be comforting one another during a time of grief.

Along with this sketchy behavior, it is reported that 160 black and silver cars were spotted at the elementary school and the fire house. Sixty-eight of these distinct color cars were spotted at the firehouse, while 92 were spotted at the elementary schools Considering this was a mass murder, one would expect the building to be reeking of blood Awoman that works for an agency that is responsible for cleaning crime scenes, questioned those in charge. She contacted three government agencies to find out who was responsible for cleaning the scene. Her shocking results revealed no one knew who cleaned up the blood. A letter written by two students surfaced. The letter was addressed to President Obama, concerning gun violence.

The two students parents were on national television reading the letter; the parents claimed their child wrote the letter, but after reviewing the news footage, it was the same letter. The letter was pleading with Mr. Obama, saying that the gun laws need to be changed. The child also suggests that military personnel and police officers should he the only people allowed to carry weapons and guns should be left at gun ranges for entertainment purposes only, With that being the main focal point of the event, is the concern of gun violence the reason behind the heinous fictional shooting?

The lack of knowledge on the authorities part makes this massacre hard to believe The unexplainable holes within this story leave researchers dumbfounded. It is up to the American citizens to do their own research, analyze the information they are presented with, and expose the faulty acts of our governments The Sandy Hook Elementary massacre did not happen, and it only leaves the people of this nation to question the motives of our government If this shooting really happened, may those that passed away souls rest in piece.

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