How Has Fortnite Taken Over This Generation of Millennials

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Fortnite is the basic third-person shooter game battle royal, you and 99 other players land on a map with various areas from tilted tower to polar peak. You run around finding weapons and consumables all the weapons and consumables have rankings from common to legendary. This game may alter children’s sleeping schedule which can affect studying and grades. Evidence given from The Guardian magazine “Sydney’s Bondi Beach public school told parents there had been “a noticeable change in in some behaviors in the classroom and the playground, that are directly linked to Fortnite. This game is also causing kids to go to drastic measures just to buy a skin, pick axe, or glider. One kid even stole his moms credit card just to buy stuff off the item shop which is the store where you buy all of the weapon skins, backpacks, outfits, pick axes, and gliders he spent $500 dollars without his mother knowing until she got an email from her credit card company.

The average spending amount that people spend on Fortnite is $84.67 and it is played by 40 million people so 86 dollars per person that’s 3386800000 that’s based on if everybody buys skins, or pickaxes, dances, or gliders. If every person who played the game spent that much they would be rolling in money. But the downfall to this is Fortnite is being sued for stealing people’s dances without permission. A snippet taken from a CNN article states that Alfonso Ribeiro is suing Fortnite for using his dance. “ Actor Alfonso Ribeiro is suing to stop two video game developers from selling a dance popularized by his ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ character. In two lawsuits filed Monday, Ribeiro said the companies have ‘unfairly profited’ from using his likeness and from exploiting his ‘protected creative expression.’ The suits name Fortnite developer Epic Games Inc., and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., creator of the NBA 2K series, and several of its subsidiaries.” Russell Horning AkA The Backpack Kid also sued for using his dance the floss.

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Fortnite has taken over this age of millennials, based on the information given by Michael Andronico in 2018 “After a remarkably long development cycle, Fortnite finally launched in early access for PS4, Xbox one, pc, and mac in July 2017. It was received fairly well but was still a way out from taking over the world.” Fortnite has made 1,000,000,000 since its release in July 2017. People have spent hundreds of dollars and days at a time playing the game. “Fortnite is a hugely popular game among younger players especially. Last month, it was announced that a 13-year old Fortnite player has been recruited by a professional sports team, highlighting just how seriously many children take the game. But one UK politician has concerns about children’s time spending Fortnite and other games, even suggesting that they could have a negative impact.” There is also a mode where you must build a base and acquire weapons to protect yourself from zombies and earn v-bucks (the currency in the game) to buy all the things you want. This mode is called save the world, you can add players to your lobby so you both can kill the zombies and make your mission much easier. This game has struck oil since its release in 2017, this game has gotten so popular it has been included in professional tournaments and professional players. The top players are members on the gaming group called faze clan and another group called TSM, a couple solo players are ceeday, timtheatman, and the best of all is Ninja.

This game is even played by adults, grown men and women who find joy in the game. People say that playing video games as an adult can ease some stress from work or any other causes. The negative effects of this game for children are horrendous. Adults know how to limit their time on video games but kids will play for hours days if their parents don’t tell them to turn it off. The evidence given from Cambridge shire live shows “A mum claims her son is so obsessed with video game Fortnite he spends up to SIX hours a day playing it and even smashed up his TV when he lost a game.” This game is toxic even some of the best players admit to it but kids still carry on to play just for the fun of it or just for the thrill.

Some video games just aren’t worth it, for example. The summer of 2018 there was a mass shooting at a madden 19 tournament because he lost a video game “Multiple people have been killed and others injured at a mass shooting during a Madden 19 tournament at the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida. Details of what happened are still incoming, but the incident took place in the middle of a qualifying round and reportedly left at least three dead and eleven injured, one of which includes a suspect who appears to have shot themselves. One of the wounded includes CompLexity Gaming competitor Drini Gjoka, who escaped with a grazed thumb.” Theres even video footage of ths terrible mishap which was caused over some random motive.

Besides all of the negativity, Fortnite can have positive effects on those who have autism. Based on the in formation learned from this article that goes into great detail about the predicament “ For those on the autism spectrum, Fortnite is proving to be an excellent resource to enhance social, teamwork and organizational skills, as well as strengthen self-esteem and creativity. With the ability to play in “Duos” or “Squads” with others, individuals with autism can engage with peers, removing them from their isolation. As we have discussed in the past there is evidence to suggest that video games can be extremely beneficial for those with autism. With Fortnite specifically, the game can create a common bond with neurotypical counterparts and help form online bonds that can potentially carry over into the “real world.” But this blessing could soon be turned into a curse

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