How Has West Influenced the Indian Culture Research Paper

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How has west influenced the Indian culture? 15th August 1947, the golden day in Indian History, the day when the British rule in India met its end. It was the day when India was declared free from the foreign rule. The English people have left but they left the seeds of their culture in our land, which have eventually grown and overshadowed the Indian culture, especially in the metros. The Indian culture is so much influenced by the west that they have forgotten the values, the principles and the ethics of our own culture.

The people are now loosing their morals, they have forgotten to respect their elders, we have forgotten how to live in a society. The people are becoming more and more self centred, they only take care of themselves and do no even think about others. The night club culture has slowly developed. The youth now is found in clubs drinking and smoking. They now do not like to spend their time with family rather they just want to party at night with their friends.

Even the girls have lost their morals. Now a girl going out with different guys for money is not a new site. The use of drugs has increased at a very large level. Now a girl does not feel any shame to show off her body in public or to roam around half naked in front of her own family members. They say it’s “Fashion”, but in reality they are just serving the feast for the eyes of the people. The incest relationships are developing throwing the mud on the term “relation”.

Now a daughter can’t trust his own father as the cases of father raping his own daughter are rising. The western culture has also gives some positive thing to the Indian Culture but on the whole it has negatively affected our culture. So to protect us from it we need to change our thinking and rather than running towards west, make ourselves so powerful that they follow rather than us following them.

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