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Who Influenced Michael Jordan to Become the Player and Person He is Today

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Who Influenced Michael Jordan to Become the Player and Person He is Today?

1. Bye, Bye, Bye (Retirement from the Game)

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Who Influenced Michael Jordan to Become the Player and Person He is Today
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Well everyone has they’re own opinion about Michael Jordan, but one

thing is certain, he is a phenomenal athlete with a unique combination of grace,

power, artistry and the improvisational ability. He is not only the top player of his

Era, but is quite possibly the best player to wear the uniform of a NBA team. He

is the most recognizable athlete in the world and is believed to be the best there

ever was, is, or ever will be.

(NBA.com) A person to this magnitude has

obviously a success, being able to have a family of his own and, knowing that

there are thousands of people looking up to him, and being many people’s idol.

To be able to stand the pressure of being a national symbol of greatness, you

have to have a driving force. This driving force has been known to be the edge

a lot of people have needed to make it over.

Michael Jordan’s family helped him

to fight and become one of the most influential, successful, and professional

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, NY, to

a proud Deloris and James Jordan. (Nba.com; BioLife.com) Now this very first

point may seem like no big deal but it’s something in itself. Jordan almost wasn’t

born. In 1963, when Deloris was carrying Mike her mother died unexpectedly

causing her to fall into a deep depression and stress period. Fearing a

miscarriage the family doctor ordered her to bed rest. (Greene 12; NBA.com) “I

always said that Michael’s birth was like a sign. I lost my mother while I was

carrying Michael, and he was my godsend. Michael was the happiness he sent

me after a very sad time in my life.” –Deloris (qtd. In Halberstam 48) “The near

miscarriage was very bad.” –James (qtd. in Halberstam 49) Michael the Jordan’s

4th child lived in a pretty much average house, which was on the lower end of

the economic pool. When Mike was 2 he had a really close brush with death.

James (Mike’s father) was outside tuning up his car at his parents house. The

ground was still soaked from the earlier downpour. Two extension cords let him

stretch a lamp from the kitchen outlet to under the hood of his car. During his

labor he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Mike had escaped his

playpen and, was on his way to make it a father- son- project. James ran

towards him bit it was too late. Mike walked right into the junction of the wires

and began playing with them. A sudden surge of current sent him flying back

about 3 feet, where he landed in too much shock to cry. (Greats of the

Game.com; BioLife.com) James put a net up in the backyard and the boys played

all the time. Michael’s older brother Larry always beat him. Growing up Mike’s

favorite sport was baseball, and he was quite good too! He was the MVP of

Dixie League and received a scholarship to Mickey Owen Baseball Camp. Michael

got better at basketball and, decided to try out for the Varsity Laney High

Basketball Team but, wasn’t good enough as a sophomore. Jordan, as a

sophomore, played on JV and, averaged 27.8 PPG. Jordan after junior year was

invited to play at the 5-star Camp where colleges recruited. MJ won 10 trophies

including 2 MVP’s. The University of North Carolina recruited Jordan.

Dean Smith the winningest coach in NCAA basketball history coached Mike.

(Greene 52; Halberstam 27, BioLife.com) Most people thought that Mike would

come and sit the bench. They were startled when they found out he was a

season opener starter. (NBA.com) Mike had a great time playing for UNC, and

his nest move was to become eligible for the NBA draft. Mike was 3rd pick behind

Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston) and Sam Bowie (Portland) (GreatsoftheGame.com)

MJ of course, was drafted by the Chicago Bulls. He was playing there and doing

well. Bringing home all types of titles, championships, and MVP’s. Then suddenly

everything changed. On July 23, 1993, James Jordan was taking a rest in his

car, when he woke up and saw a gun pointed to his head. He was shot in what

was called a random robbery. JORDAN LOST HIS BEST FRIEND! Later on

October 6, of that same year, Jordan shocked friends and fans by announcing his

retirement from the NBA. During this he claimed that his reasons were not

because of his father’s death but, more because he had nothing to prove

anymore. He felt he needed to be with his family. This move right here should

show more than anything that Jordan’s concerned with his family before

anything else. With all the fame and fortune that basketball had and was givng

Mike he decided to give it all up at the expense of his family. His next move was

even more stunning, Major League Baseball. Mike signed a contract with the

Chicago White Sox in 1994. When MJ was still in the Major’s he played in the

Scottie Pippen Charity Game where he scored 52 points. Soon rumors began

that Mike would be returning to the game of basketball. On March 19, 1995

those rumors proved true and Mike come out of retirement. In his 5th game back

he scored 55 points. Jordan definately still had it. He also led his team to a

second 3-peat. (three championships in a row) Jordan retired for good with 6

NBA finals MVP’s. (BioLife.com)

Michael, the “perfect” player still needs his family. Mike’s story goes to

show that family is important. Whether you family is your biological parents or

parent, step parents or parent, grandparents, sisters or brothers, aunts or

uncles, or you adopted or foster parents or parent, they are still your family.

Family is a vital part of life, and love even more vital. One thing if you don’t see

anything else, see not to take advantage or take your family for granted because

one day they may not be here. Don’t forget about the people who made you

who you are. Never get so full of yourself that you only care about what you do.

Basketball is what Mike does, Michael Jordan is who he is.

Davis 6

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