How I First Started High School In The US

Coming to America for studying and learning new languages have encountered me to a language barrier and culture shock. The days I have been through were not easy, but I think I learned how to be a critical thinker and a learner with curiosity. Now looking back the time when I was struggling, I know that I have to manage the hardships and learn from them so that I can make myself a better learner.

It was a warm sunny September morning, and I was a little bit tired from 11 hours long flight. The journey began that morning, and I was not ready to say goodbye to my homeland and to my parents. Nervous, scared, and a sense of unknown, these words best described my emotions, but I also felt a bit of exciting to start a new chapter in a new environment. Nur was my roommate, also my first and best friend. I struggled to speak English, and Nur was the only person I talked in the first few months. She inspired me in many ways. She always helped me with my writing assignments as well as reading and understanding the texts.

While I was learning Turkish at home, I was also taught to read in Arabic. The fact that the only language I can read but can’t write and understand is Arabic and I think it’s very interesting about me. When I first started high school in the U.S. with all fluent English-speaking people, I was shy to talk because I thought people would judge for my pronunciation and grammar. During my sophomore and junior year of high school, I started to learn a new language which was Spanish. My teacher was so helpful and because she would always speak in Spanish with the students improved my Spanish to the extend where I can understand writings and express myself well. She made me to keep dairy in Spanish so that my writing would get better.

I realized that it was vital with a specific end goal to do well in school and to become a successful student. One of my goals to study hard was not only to learn something new, but to stop the feeling of a disappointment and a failure. I wanted to show myself that I am skilled for achieving my objectives and desires.

I constantly spent a lot of consideration regarding instructions because I was willing to and wanted to learn how to write without getting help from others at the earliest opportunity. I was like child who would desire a prize, which in my circumstance, the prize was symbolizing learning how to write appropriately in languages that I had yet not completely learned.

Although university education requires reading based on specialization comparison and adjustment is based on knowledge from different subjects. One of the experiences is from the article (Discourse5: Knowledge of its End) presenting knowledge to be closely related. The article expounds on the relationship that exists between all sets of knowledge increasing my ability to reinforce learning obtained from different sets into one body. I have been exposed to many subjects and agree firmly that exposure to only one set of knowledge would lead to contracting the mind. Although not all subjects available would be practical to my knowledge capacity having a relatively wide range has created the ability to read and understand materials in diverse fields. “If his reading is confined simply to one subject, however, such division of Labour may favor the advancement of a particular pursuit” (Newman, 2007).

Knowledge cannot be divided from its own and is gained not from an individual source independently. From the article by Newman (2007) University education on its own is a product of liberal or philosophical knowledge irrespective of the field. “All the methods are engaged in the investigation of the truth,” (Newman, 2007). The only attribute to a single source is the specific concepts of learning. Knowledge has life in it and acquiring basic concepts from the different field has led to an increased and continuous understanding of certain critical concepts without being constrained by the controversy of other occurrences found unstable.

Knowledge is the key to transformation and although extensive reading has not made reading simpler than for other individuals several tools are unique. The reading by Hsün Tzu on the encouragement to learning led to the understanding that “metal become sharp when it goes to the whetstone,” a man becomes keen of mind and blameless of conduct through extensive learning. I have learned to use different tools of reading which makes it a smooth experience. Ignorance of knowledge leads to increased disasters like any other form of negligence.

The beginning and the end of learning is defined explicitly in the change of reading material. One key concept I learned from Hsün Tzu is that the accumulation of half steps completes a thousand miles and so is knowledge reading small ideas establishes the whole identity of knowledge. Hsün Tzu taught thus that even with the completion of curriculum learning need to take a different form and is defined to end with understanding the highest definition of law (Rites).

“Hence in learning one reaches completion with the Rites” (Lau, July 2010). I configure that since I enrolled in college, I undertake extensive learning beyond the scope of class learning material and my knowledge base is an increased desire for real-time information a lifetime process most likely.

The center of knowledge is impacting virtues that distinguish those who bear knowledge from the rest of the population. Seneca teaches that the form of education is a crucial determinant of the functioning of society. This defined that although all knowledge contributes to the learning competence of a free person in a free society ought to choose what set of knowledge is valuable to them. My commitment is one that would lead to a transformation of self and not to the purpose of seeking for money. “Well I have no respect for any study whatsoever if its end is making money,” (Seneca, n.d.) In other words, one of the critical liberal studies I invest heavily is Journey of Transformation which emphasis on the pursuit of wisdom.

The understanding of concepts is not equivalent to the interpretation and application. “The question is whether or not that sort of scholar is adding value,” (Seneca, n.d.). When I first encountered social science studies in high school what remained important is ethics beyond the framework of law as taught by John Mark. Seneca holds that children are subjected to liberal studies not because it impacts moral but because it prepares the mind to the acquisition of the said moral values. Bravery, loyalty, self-control and humanity key values are not learned through the liberal studies. Although different sets of knowledge exist within the curriculum establishing my base for learning is an extensive one.

It’s therefore to my conclusion that to my current position in reading and writing knowledge is acquired through broad exposure to it. Reading requires having a selective approach to learn that which is valuable. Learning would not be limited to the curriculum in the university and pursuant of wisdom need to be the center of learning efforts. 

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