Child Prostitution Research Paper It started

It started out like any other twenty-four hours. Sokha was assisting her stepfather beg for money on the streets of Phnom Penh. Unfortunately, neither made a cent. Frustrated and drunk from inexpensive spirits, her male parent raped her. Not satisfied, he invited his friends to fall in him. One after the other, they took bends in pleasuring themselves, until she was reduced to a bloody, crumpled pile. She was merely 9 old ages old. Months subsequently, her father sold her to a whorehouse. There, like any other miss, she was forced onto pitiless work forces every dark for a mere 20 cents. In add-on to that, she ne’er received any of it. Trapped in the windowless whorehouse, her hopes of populating a normal life were diminished ( Lee 83-86 ) .

Meanwhile, Julie was raped by a alien at knife-point when she was 14 old ages old. Sexually traumatized by the alien, she was neglected by her parents. Her heartless female parent had even told her to maintain it a secret and ne’er to speak about it once more. Seeking love and confidence, Julie made friends with Irving, who turned out to be a procurer. Before she knew it, she was trapped in the profession. She wanted to acquire off, but so her ain female parent would non even assist her ( Sereny 30-83 ) .

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The similarities between the causes of these two instances are non obvious. While Sokha was being forced physically by her ain parents, Julie seems to be lured into harlotry. One might even believe that Julie had even chose to be in that profession. Although this is true, Julie had in fact forced into it, non by physical action, but by emotional disregard, a circumstance go forthing her with no options. While child harlotry is evidently debatable, the causes and solutions are non distinct.

In 3rd universe states such as Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, low-income households are selling their ain kids into harlotry. While in this state, broken households and opprobrious households indirectly forced these kids to happen redemption in this profession. Actions have been taken, both national and international, by assorted organisations to salvage these victims. But why do these misss keep on traveling back? What can we make about it?

One cause of child harlotry is that the kids are being force into it by their ain parents or guardian. Take Sokha for illustration, the people that she trusted with her life betrayed her by selling her a whorehouse in order to acquire a meager sum of hard currency. These predicaments are non uncommon. In fact, a 1995 study in Cambodia on kid victims of harlotry found that 40 per centum were sold by their ain households and another 15 per centum by friends ( Lim 180 ).

Driven by their economic criterions, most of these low-income households lack moral values. They were non given the opportunity to acquire the instruction or knowledge on how to raise a household. Before they knew it, they found themselves load with unwanted kids. These parents would instead sell their childs than work difficult to gain a life. Girls like Sokha end up being sold out of their supposedly safe environment without even cognizing what lies in front of them.

In the United States, broken households and opprobrious households besides cause child harlotry. When it goes incorrect, parents barely of all time cognize how and why it happened ( Sereny 22 ) . Too caught up in their ain relationship jobs, the parents do non recognize what had happened to their kids. In add-on to that, Sereny besides believed that the bulk of misss who become child cocottes appear to hold suffered childhood injury associated with early sexual experiences.

Combined with other household tensenesss or emotional lacks whether in the kid or in the household makes the chance of calamity in pubescence highly high ( 27-28 ) . Bing sexually abused by their ain flesh and blood is non the terminal to their agony ; they are besides being deprived of the emotional confidence that they need from their parents. In the terminal, these kids run off from place and seek love and attending from aliens who frequently turned out to be procurers.

So, what actions have been taken to halt all this? Somaly Mam, one the victims of child harlotry, established AFESIP in Cambodia, a Gallic acronym that translates to Action for Women in Precarious Situations. Funded by bureaus such as UNICEF, it rescues misss and adult females from forced harlotry and helps them re

integrate into society. AFESIP workers would travel into the whorehouse pretense to be possible clients or AIDS pedagogues, and in secret talked to girls to subscribe a certification saying that they are willing to go forth the topographic point. Then after the constabulary raid the topographic point, the misss are set free. Besides that, they would supply shelters or places for these misss to populate and mend. At the shelters, they are taught accomplishments such as weaving and agriculture ( Lee 86 ).

In add-on to that, ECPAT-USA: End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, is besides contending this turning industry. Started in Thailand, it is now planetary with national affiliates in 27 states. The ends of ECPAT-USA are to raise consciousness about the predicament of sexually exploited kids wherever they are in the universe ; to develop schemes to turn to and forestall the engagement of U.S. paedophiles, tourers, military forces and business communities in the sexual development of kids ; and to advance the confirmation and execution of the UN Convention on the Rights of the child U.S. authorities ( Women s International Network News 42 ) . Equally of import, juvenile detainment centres all over the state besides play an of import function in salvaging these kids lives. Julie found the aid that she needed in these centres alternatively of from her parents ( Sereny 80 ) .

Yet, why do most of these kids keep traveling back? Bing forced into harlotry by parents or milieus is non the biggest job. About 20 per centum of the misss travel back into harlotry [ after being treated at the shelter ] . They have been wholly destroyed by the whorehouses and the procurers ( Lee 86 ) . These are the misss that have been saved from the atrocious topographic points and sheltered in safe environment. Trapped in whorehouses, these misss in Cambodia are tortured by electricity. Besides that, some misss had their Hymens restitched in order to be sold as virgins over and over once more because their demands are higher ( Lee 86 ) .

These inhumanenesss had lead these misss to believe that they could non get away from their procurers. These misss are terrified of them. Furthermore, after being released from the shelter, these misss do non cognize where to travel. Surrounded by people that are disgraced by them, hunted back by their procurers and abandoned by their ain households, where else can they travel but back to harlotry?

It appears that parents or defenders are the nucleus ground for this devastating job. Whether they realize it or non, they are denying the incrimination by non accepting that they have the sort of kids that are really likely to acquire into harlotry. Alternatively, the parents will happen some other agencies to deviate the incrimination, such as the procurers or their pecuniary crisis. Once trapped in the profession, these kids are happening it difficult to acquire out of this hideous rhythm even after they are being saved from it. What can we make about it?

There are a batch of ways to take actions. First, start from your ain vicinity. Be cognizant of unusual looking people in your milieus. Are these people a menace to the adolescents in your vicinity? Be alert of your vicinity, and be informed of the possible actions that could be taken to forestall it, such as what figure to name or where is the nearest organisation involved in the plans stated antecedently. Then, a more planetary attack would be either to donate some money to the organisations that are working hard to get rid of this job or to volunteer in these organisations yourself. By acquiring first manus experience, you will be more cognizant of the earnestness of the job. Even though we are non to the full responsible for doing the job in the first topographic point, we can in fact take actions in forestalling it from turning.

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