How my bro leon brought home a wife Essay

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A WifeTitle:How My Brother Leon Brought Home a WifeAuthor:Manuel E. ArguillaCharacters: Characters:Baldo-Younger brother of Leon,fetched Leon and Maria from the road to NagrebcanLeon (Or Noel)-Older brother of Baldo who studied in Manila where he met his wifeMaria-The beautiful and stunning wife of Leon from ManilaLabang-The bull whom Baldo considers As his “pet”Urong and Celin-The two twinsSetting:1.Nagrebcan2.

the house of Lacay Julian3. Bauang4.La UnionPlot:Chronological arrangement, because the author according to temporal order o simply the start of the story from the arrival of Maria and Baldo at Nagrebcan until the such time that the family of Leon accepted Maria as partConflict:How my brother Leon brought home a wife”, features a conflict that deals with two opposing cultures and how they affect relationships.

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How my bro leon brought home a wife
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In this story, the differencesbetween people in the cities of the Philippines and people who live in the country’s rural areas are explored, and these differences add gravity and resonance to the storyline And something related to their cultureClimax:When they got home, their father did not welcome them.

He was said to be in his room; “his leg is bothering him again.” Baldo saw his mother and sister Aurelia and Maria in the kitchen who seemed like crying. His father removed the roll of tobacco in his mouth when he saw Baldo and started asking about MariaDenoument:Labang is very important to Leon and Baldo’s familyand they treat him as a family member.Resolution:Is when they went to Lacay Julian’s house and that’s how they all made up and had some understood each otherTheme:Is about 2 cultures and how Leon brought home a wife until such time to accept Maria as a family or loving family.Moral:Appreciate someone with a different cultur e and just try to accept them as a family or friend.Personal impressions:I think personally the story is about Leon and his family and introducing his wife or fiancé to his family.

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