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How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife Sample



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    Nagrebcan is located at La Union. That is the topographic point where Manuel E. Arguilla is born.* The married woman meets the brother for the first clip* They journey place with conversation and a vocal* The hubby asks the married woman if she is afraid as they near place. conveying about the chief character’s ain reaction about how the household will welcome place his brother and new married woman

    * The brother sees to his father’s petition while the household negotiations * The brother resolves what it would be like to hold his ain married woman A secret plan in literary footings describes the events that happen in the narrative with a form or sequence to supply a concrete subject. Plot is frequently considered as the expounding. lifting action. flood tide. falling action. and declaration. In How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife. the narrative begins with a funny mixture of descriptions as the chief character. the brother. meets his brother and new married woman. The married woman is person no 1 at place knows and was rather unexpected.

    For a portion of the journey they talk about the married woman being able to see stars in order to demo us that the married woman is different from the state part she now lives in supplying the lifting action.

    At the flood tide. the married woman admits to being afraid now that they are close to place. unaware that the male parent has asked the chief character to prove her. The married woman and household meet discoursing many things in a ‘get to know’ each other mode. All the while the brother. the chief character. considers what he has been asked to make in order to prove the new married woman and finds her worthy. possibly as an illustration of what he will someday happen in a married woman. The chief character has resolved to accept the new married woman based on the trials he provided her.

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