How to Improve Our Government Essay

People every day make mistakes, and find flaws in their everyday tasks - How to Improve Our Government Essay introduction. No one person in this country can consider his, or herself, perfect. Knowledgeable people do exist in this world though, and our government strives to find and elect these representatives. These representatives then make decisions that affect our country In ways some might find positive, though others perceive as negative. Representatives could make decisions that would only Impact our government In a negative way. Our government has its flaws, along with the people running it. N think of several ways to help to improve the government and its efficiency. A decrease in government funding for our National Defense would increase funding in other important areas. People across our nation need jobs, and are struggling to find a source of Income. If we used some of the funding that we attribute to our Nation Defense, then this money might benefit In the use of creating new Jobs and opportunities for people. Not only would we have money to provide Jobs, but this funding could be used to help create and search for new Information In the field of

Cancer Research. The government funds provide people that lack occupations and have no source of income, with a reliable way of obtaining money for themselves to provide for his or her, and/or his or her family. These welfare recipients may draw unemployment after applying and meeting the requirements need to obtain this welfare money. These requirements may not be strict enough, which would lead to the allowance of the unemployed to gather money while being lazy in the process. Due to the lack of work ethic found In people, drug use may attribute to this laziness.

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A requirement may need to be added In order for the recipients to pass a drug test (a test for multiple drugs) in order to draw unemployment, in return saving the wasted money the government provides to the unworthy. The government could invest much of their funding in renewable energy sources. The post installation outcome of these windmills, energy providing dams, etc. Would help save money later on in the future. With these funds being provided to help “Go Green”, the earth itself would take a drastic Increase in cleanliness.

The government then might avoid conflicts with foreign nations In the search for the silos fuels, of which we currently use as energy. Doing this might then allow us to pull our troops out of these foreign nations, saving lives and money provided for the troops. Troubled times, and may be one of the most united governments the world has seen. As previously stated though, nothing and no single person is perfect. With these little changes in the way the government goes about, it may impact funding, our unity, and occupations for the people of the United States, allowing people to live and prosper, Ninth freedom and peace throughout.

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