Interesting and Substantial Piece of Writing Argumentative Essay

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There are plenty of essays and each one has different grade of significance in the terms of your course. Some of them are very peculiar and you still wonder why your dear professor asked you to get it know. But some of them are very heavy and extremely significant, completion of which proves your student`s opulence.

Today you need to know about the second group. You need to acquaint with an argumentative essay. This task is very important and rare so you need to understand it clearly and deeply. Let`s look through on how to write an argumentative essay.

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What is an argumentative essay?

This task asks you to convey a wide research of a certain issue and to provide the most appropriate point of view on this issue. Writer needs to study all existing information about this issue. Moreover, you need to study some authoritative sources because the task is very solemn. Each scholar writing assignment requires apply to these authoritative sources but not as strict.

Why this kind of essay is referred to the significant ‘group’ of essays? You would hardly be given this task during the semester. Writing an argumentative essay is required in the end of the semester or even in the end of the educatory year as the main task of control.

How to pick a topic for an argumentative essay?

You may know what argumentative essay is but you still need to have some it specification. Specifying the issue we need to understand how to choose the topic for an argumentative essay.

Let`s see some tips regarding this issue.

  1. Argue. You cannot choose each topic you like. It should suit the essence of the task: there should be a space for argumentation.

You need to choose a point of view that you find the most appropriate concerning this topic. And this point of view needs to be controversial, not a definitively true. And the essence of the task supposes that you need to defend this point of view and by means of argumentation show that it is true.

  • Personal interest.


The task demands you to spend plenty of time studying all existing sources so mind it before choosing the task. Your heart and soul should lie for this topic. Moreover, the more you like the thing you are writing about the more passionate and deep would be your research the greater your text would look.

  • Audience.


This is a kind of essay that almost requires look back on the people who are destined to read it. Answer yourself a question of who will read your essay. Is it designed only for your professor? Or your classmates also will read it? Pushing away from it you can vary the techniques of writing including themes that would be interesting for different people (elder professor and young students), language that would be clear for each person in your audience. Also you can apply to some inner jokes and situations that are known and comprehensible only within the audience you are writing for.

  • Confidence. The task is not only to provide a research but in some way to persuade the reader that one of the arguable sides (which you support) is right. Choosing the topic you need to be sure that you are confident enough to reassure someone in your rightness.


Argumentative essay structure

Before starting to write an essay you need to convey some pre-work.

Firstly you need to create an outline. Argumentative essay outline does not notedly differ from usual essay`s outline. In the case of writing this kind of essay it would be more useful to create an outline comparing with the other cases. Find some helpful additional materials on how to write an argumentative essay.


As an outline is not mentioned in argumentative essay requirements, you still are advised to do it. The amount of information you need to process and the amount of words you need to write so large that you definitely need some pre-structuring of your text. Otherwise, you will simply digress from what your thoughts plenty of times and will lose the integrity of the text.Since we are talking about a structure of the text, you need to include the structural parts in your outline.

Argumentative essay sticks to the three-part structure of introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

  • Include in an outline such things for the introduction as introducing thoughts, useful but general details and in two words what your thesis statement will consist of.
  • Regarding the body paragraphs write down the sequence of providing the development of the different sides of your argumentation. Include general and the most important information about each paragraph not going deep in details.

Tip: your outline`s notes in this part would constitute the whole text.

  • For conclusion you need to mention that you need to restate your thesis and to sum up all aforesaid. In an outline it is hard to write down your conclusion because it depends on filling of two previous parts.



Here you need to stick to an accustomed three-part structure.

First you need to write your introduction – the hardest part. But if you have an outline you simply need to extend your introduction part from there. Plus you need to state a distinct thesis. Thesis statement is a base of your essay.

All the information is accorded to this sentence, which express the main idea of your text.The body paragraphs are the fruit of your efforts. Here you need to splash out everything you have studied during the preparatory stage. Develop everything you mentioned in the your outline`s ‘body paragraphs’ section and fill it out with the sense.

In the conclusion you need to summarize everything you said. Remember that it is an argumentative essay and simple restating of your thesis is not enough. Track the movement of your thoughts in a few words and create a feeling of completeness of your text.


The main thing an argumentative essay requires is your logical coherence.

You cannot simply apply to your thoughts with any support from existing information. Moreover, you need to be very persuasive and confident in what you are stating. Without it there would be not very interesting and substantial piece of writing. Now you know how to write a good argumentative essay so make it up and get the best result!

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