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Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory

Experiential learning


Words: 2091 (9 pages)

Abstract The paper contains a discussion of Kolb’s Learning Theory and an elaboration of the experiential learning cycle as well as the four staged learning styles. These learning styles which are diverging, accommodating, converging and assimilating are perceived by Kolb to be helpful in aiding the mentor to develop the suitable style for the student….

Personal professional development


Experiential learning

Words: 3509 (15 pages)

Assessment criteria Expected evidence Task no. Assessor’s Feedback LO 1: Understanding how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development 1 Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning Describe Kola’s experimental learning cycles and main approaches to learning. Clarify advantages and disadvantages of each approach Task 1 2 Propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts…

Organizational Behavior and Opportunity


Experiential learning

Words: 6794 (28 pages)

1 CHAPTER >> Organizational Behavior and Opportunity L E A R N I N G O U T C O M E S 4 Describe the formal and informal elements of an organization. 5 Understand the diversity of organizations in the economy. 6 Evaluate the opportunities that change creates for organizational behavior. After reading this…

The concept of reflection

Experiential learning


Words: 1568 (7 pages)

The concept of reflection 1.0       Introduction Learning is an individual process because everybody learns at his/her pace. However reflection is an important variable in the learning process which is innate in every human being. Put in other words, reflection is a beneficial activity especially with regard to learning. Furthermore, reflection can be done by both…

Different Learning Styles

Experiential learning


Words: 722 (3 pages)

Different Learning Styles A person’s learning style or main process of learning is crucial to his or her development and acquisition of knowledge.  There are various learning styles which differ in terms of one’s approach to learning. These learning styles are essential to making education effective. Learning style is a broad concept that encompasses the…

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