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Nowadays the scope of luxury hotels all over the universe is really large. There are different types of luxury hotels and all of them have their ain policy, processs and missions. Competition among these sorts of hotels is immense presents. The competition is based non on monetary values or per centum of price reductions but it is based on values, exclusivity, atmosphere and quality of service. One of these rivals is universe known, luxury trade name Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. However Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts managed to distinguish them from all other rivals in the Hotel Industry.

In Four Seasons, direction has a immense value of their employees, because they know that the power of service is in human resources. Human Recourse Management in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts decidedly plays really of import function for supplying success of the company and delivering premises to their employees and clients. The undermentioned research provides readers with full image of Human Resource Management Policy of Four Seasons hotels and Resorts.

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Besides extra recommendations and remarks are given in order to clear up the policy and mission of Human Resource Management. The research includes five of import inquiries about HRM. Answers for these inquiries can be used as tools to better the human resource policy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. As for readers the research will assist them to understand the value and mission of Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry.

Introduce the Company and its places in the Hospitality Industry. Is it an employer of pick?

“Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts ” Company was founded in 1960 by Isadore Sharp and positioned as luxury hotel concatenation. The first hotel was opened in 1961 in the downtown country of Toronto, Canada. Isadore Sharp started a new sort of luxury hotels by doing it individualized, taking attention of each client and offering an first-class service for their invitees. For financess Sharp involved his brother-in-law, Eddie Creed and his friend, Maurry Koffler. Each of them contributed to the undertaking. From 1970 boulder clay 1976 there were opened several Four season Hotels and resorts in London, Ontario and Bahamas.

In 1976 Four Seasons hotels and Resorts grew and decided to spread out in North America. So in 1976 they entered the US market in San-Francisco. So in 1977, Isadore Sharp along with Creed and Korrler decided to change over Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts into private company. Four Seasons has created a new niche in epicurean section of Hospitality Industry, therefore provided themselves with a great chance to turn. In 1986 the company went public, by being presented on stock market, but in 2007 it became private company once more. By 1991 the company had around 36 hotels all over the universe and around 13 gross revenues and corporate offices. However Four Seasons faced with some fiscal issues and was rescued by investor from Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed.

In 1994 he purchased 25 per centum of Four Seasons ‘ stocks and invested around C $ 100 million. After puting by Saudi Prince, the Four Seasons continued their atonement and opened new belongingss in Singapore, Mexico City, Berlin and Prague. In ninetiess, whole hotel industry faced a downswing. As a consequence Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts turned to pull offing manner instead having hotels because it was much more profitable in the long tally. ( Four Seasons Hotels Inc ‘s HR Practice. , 2009 ) . Nowadays Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has 84 belongingss all over the universe with sole service and really clear company ‘s civilization. Nowadays Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has several rivals in Hospitality Industry. They are Fairmont Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Positions of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are really strong now. Despite on fiscal jobs they faced in 1994, Four Seasons managed to stabilise and go on turning in cordial reception industry. Four Seasons continues to hold more of its hotels designated as AAA Five Diamond belongingss than any other hotel company and it has the most Mobil Five Star awards in the industry. The company is besides systematically extremely ranked in readers ‘ studies in publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Institutional Investor, Andrew Harper ‘s Hideaway Report and the Zagat Survey. ( Hospitalitynet, 2010 ) .

First of wholly, the author would wish to give the definition of term Employer of pick ” .  Any employer of any size in the populace, private, or not-for-profit sector that attracts, optimise and holds top endowment for long term of office, because the employees choose to be at that place ” . ( Herman and Gioia, 2002, p. eleven ) . Personalized service is a alone characteristic of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. But in order to do the service unique for their invitees, the company pays attending to their employees. Four seasons Management squads do value their staff and handle them as invitees, besides with uniqueness.

As one of employees said:  You ‘re ne’er threated like merely and employee. You are a invitee. ” ( Four Seasons Hotels Inc ‘s HR Practice. , 2009 ) . This is the 1 and the most of import ground why Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts became an Employer of pick. The company is recognized by many popular magazines as an Employer of Choice. For illustration, since 1998 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are among 100  The best Companies to Work for ” , by Fortune Magazine.

In 2009 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Company was awarded  The best Workplace ” by Great Place to Work Institute Canada. Later in 2009 the Company was awarded  Lifetime Commitment Award ” by National Society of Minorities in Hospitality ( NSMH ) . In add-on they were awarded `Inductee to Canada ‘s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures ” Hall of Fame 2010. Besides Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts pay a batch of attending to preparations and development plans, therefore in 2010 the company was listed in `Training top 125 ” by Training Magazine. ( FourSeason, 2010 ) .

As Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in an international company and has many hotels all over the universe, some of Four Seasons ‘ belongingss were besides recognized by taking touristry and cordial reception magazines. For illustration Four Seasons Hotels in the United Kingdom were  The Best topographic point to Work in Hospitality ” in 2008 ; Four Seasons Hotel Dublin received Business Award Status, based onA the Hotel ‘s best patterns inA ” Recruitment and Selection ” and  Learning, Development and Progression ” ; in 2008 Four Seasons Hotel Prague was awarded as Company of the Year 2008 ” . This award is given to the companies who back uping the employment of hearing-challenged persons. ( FourSeason, 2010 ) . All these awards and acknowledgments are the chief index of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts civilization and a consequence of well-organized corporate environment.

Explain its civilization, its unique to the Company, how does this vary from its major rivals

Four Seasons Hotels and resorts has their ain and alone service civilization. The civilization is chiefly based on  Aureate Rule ” by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. The doctrine of  Aureate Rule ” is really simple and clear. As the CEO of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Isadore Shard defined it:  The Golden Rule – do unto others, as you would hold them to make unto you ” ( Four Seasons Hotels Inc ‘s HR Practice. , 2009 ) .

Harmonizing to Mr. Sharp definition it is really of import to handle everyone: invitees, co-workers and spouses as you would desire them to handle you. Within Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts the Aureate Rule ” applied to every individual in the company and it does non count whether you are director or front line employee. What Four Seasons calls its alone service civilization is based on a series of penetrations and beliefs about the individual who provides the act of service, and the 1 who receives it. In author ‘s sentiment, the Aureate Rule ” makes the uniqueness and making a really positive ambiance within all company and all belongingss around the universe. The strategy below represents the forming of the civilization.

As readers can see from the Scheme 1 there are several stairss taking to the organisational civilization. The first measure is Philosophy of company ‘s laminitis. ” As it was mentioned above Mr. crisp has his ain doctrine of service and company ‘s civilization which is based on doing the service sole and personalized. By implementing his ain position of the service into Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Company ‘s construction, Isadore Sharp has created perfectly new type of civilization non merely for his personal demand but besides for whole the company.

The following measure is  Selection Criteria ” , which is based on recruiting and choice of campaigners. As we know from the case-study of Four Seasons Hotels Inc. , each possible campaigner for any place in four seasons Hotels and Resorts had to go through through five interviews and the concluding 1 was with the General Manager of the Hotel. In the illustration above readers can see that choice procedure in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is really hard. It means that the company needs the best employees from the best. The choice procedure is really of import for the company, because directors look for truly professionalized individuals or individuals who have possible to larn and to be trained.

The thing is that Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts based on personal service, that ‘s why they have such complicated choice procedure. The following stairss of analysing Four Seasons ‘ civilization are  Top Management ” and `Socialization ” . Top Management plays really of import function in organizing company ‘s civilization. As readers can see, in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Company, senior executives help to set up behavioural criterions that can be adopted by the company. Socialization is a procedure which helps new employees to follow into company ‘s civilization and implement accomplishments and advantages in pattern, by doing service in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts personalized. In add-on the Socialization measure can be separated into several phases like Pre-arrival phase, Encounter phase and Metamorphosis phase. All these phases straight helps in the procedure of organizing the civilization of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

In author ‘s sentiment, Four Seasons ‘ company civilization is much differentiated signifier its chief rivals. As an illustration, the company ‘s civilization of Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Resorts is based on  Gold Standards ” of the company. “ Gold Standards ” consist of six parts which includes the creed, the slogan of the company, the three stairss of service, service values, the 6th diamonds and the employee promises. ( Gold Standards of Ritz-Carlton, 2010 ) .

As if follows, Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton civilizations are focused on doing the service they provide more individualized, but in add-on Four Seasons hotels and Resorts are focused on their employees. As a consequence, readers can do a decision that in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the civilization is as invitees oriented as employees oriented. To turn out this statement, the author would wish to show a phrase maintained in the case-study:  Loyalty to invitees is of import, but employees come foremost. ” ( Four Seasons Hotels Inc ‘s HR Practice. , 2009 ) .

One of the most of import Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts ‘ differences from major rivals is that the company is more employees oriented instead other companies in Hospitality industry. As a consequence it attracts more and more employees to fall in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

How does HRM suit into the company ‘s vision, mission & A ; values? Make these reflect a strategic intent? How does HRM suit into the overall individuality of the company, its directors and employees, make recommendations for any betterment and warrant these.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts haves their ain vision, mission and values which are behead on Aureate Rule ” . From HRM point of position, it straight into company ‘s values, vision and mission. From the strategic nature of HRM in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, they deal with daily issues, but it is besides proactive in nature and integrated with other direction maps. In add-on HRM makes more clarified strategic position of human resource in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

From the enlisting point of position, human resource direction makes sophisticated enlisting for all employees. In add-on it has strong internal labor market for nucleus employees. ( Henderson, 2008 ) . One of the most of import values of Four Seasons hotels and Resorts is empowerment. HRM is responsible for presenting this characteristic to employees ‘ vision. Authorization is direction duty of sharing information, wagess, and power with employees so that they can take personal enterprise and do determinations to work out jobs and issues of the invitees and better service quality and public presentation of the company. It is based construct of giving employees the accomplishments, resources, authorization, chance, motive, every bit good giving them duties of their actions. ( BusinessDictionary, 2010 ) .

In Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts direction wage tonss of attending to empowerment because it helps to increase the degree of service and in add-on it makes employees experiencing more responsible and of import for the company. That ‘s why in all Four Seasons ‘ belongingss employees can move and take determinations independently. It means that for human resort direction, employees ‘ satisfaction is really of import as invitees ‘ satisfaction. Based on this author can decidedly state that Human Resource Management make large part into company ‘s vision, value and mission.

In Human Resource Management, preparations play besides an of import function in employees ‘ development and success. As for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, preparations are transformed into larning and development doctrine exceeding job-related preparation plans. The advantage of preparations in Four Seasons is that all preparations are designed foal all degrees of employees including non-management. In add-on preparations are designed to develop leading and personal accomplishments. For illustration Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has a particular plan designed for alumnuss of hotel schools. Using to Manager In Training Programs ( MIT ) is meant that campaigners has the attitude to be trained, accept “ Aureate Rule ” and successfully implement it in their occupation. ( Manager In Training Programms, 2010 ) .

In order to better HRM policy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resort the author would propose several stairss to do it more balanced between guest oriented policy and employees oriented policy. Four Seasons are seeking to equilibrate these two topics, but it seems that they are a spot baffled about it. The solution of this issue is to supply more benefits for their employees.

First of all it would increase the flow of qualified individuals who have ability to be learnt. From the other manus it would actuate employees to increase their degree of instruction, to use for atom preparation plans in order to acquire calling development in the hereafter. The 3rd advantage of increasing employees ‘ benefits is that this would alter and straight reexamine the policy of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts therefore do it more employees oriented. But for the other manus the company should non bury about their chief ends – personalized service for each client. That is why Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts make their employees empowered.

The HRM policy of the company is besides based on send oning employees to the right manner, the manner of  Aureate Rule ” . They do n’t make anything particular, but their work is non easy, because Human Resource Department is the first who faced with employees ‘ challenges and in add-on they have to convey the thoughts and values of “ Aureate Rules ” into employees ‘ heads, in order to make company ‘s ends which are based on sole and individualized service in all Four seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Does it hold effectual policies and processs in HRM? Critically measure the 1s you have identified

As readers can see from illustrations above, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have really specific HRM policy. The thing is that in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Human Resource Management is based on criterions, but they do n’t hold tonss of regulations. As they prefer individualized client service they do authorise their employees, so they can move in any state of affairss. This allows employees to take actions and to experience free to react all clients ‘ demands. As in all state of affairss, there is a hazard of doing incorrect determination.

The employee will be responsible for this, but in all instances the company can lose their client which will impact the company as a whole. As Human Resource policy in Four Seasons Hotels and resorts is more company ‘s doctrine orientated the employee turnover is merely a half compared with the whole industry. Four Seasons created their ain niche in the cordial reception industry. Nowadays Four Seasons Hotels and resort has several chief rivals. From HRM point of position, employees ‘ benefits are one of the most attractive parts for people who are interested in fall ining company.

The term  employees ‘ benefits ” is common for all industries. Employee benefits are all benefits and services, other from rewards for clip worked, that are provided to employees in whole or in portion by their employers. ( Definition of Employee benefits, 2010 ) . Below, the research worker presented the tabular array of benefits, which presents the whole image of benefits policy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and its chief rival Ritz-Carlton. The tabular array will assist readers to analyse and analyze employee benefits of two chief rivals in luxury mid-size hotel niche. In add-on both rivals use direction contracts theoretical account of pull offing belongingss. This is really good determination. The thing is that there are several recent illustrations that show that franchising method of pull offing belongingss does n’t work in a proper manner presents.

Development of employees ‘ committedness or trueness straight depends on occupation conditions provided by employer. That is why supplying basic benefits in necessary for large companied like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. But in order to pull more employees whey included more benefits in basic conditions. Decidedly this action would act upon the flow of employees and would increase motive, which will positive consequence the company.

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