Maine States Which Has all Four Seasons

Like most states Maine has seasons but unlike some states Maine has all four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. As each season will come and go with a new adventure in store for those willing to follow it.MSpring in Maine is full of half melted snow and mud, the months of March, April, and May are the spring time in Maine. But, in Maine it all depends on when the snow starts to melt. According to (Maine Invites You, n.d.), “In the spring, you can still enjoy skiing at Sunday River or spy the famed warbler migration from the perch on Saddleback Mountain. Maine Maple Sunday is a family-favorite event in March.”. Maine Invites you is a local magazine that shares a ton of information and advertises the state of Maine and finds a ton of different things for travelers and Maine state residents to do. Spring and Summer in Maine there is usually still snow on the ground, and the air is still brisk but there are still fun things for people to do during spring in Maine. You could go whitewater rafting on the Kennebec river. A traveler could also go “fly-fishing expedition or Moose Safari on Moosehead Lake.

Hike the beautifully rugged North Woods. (Maine Invites You, n.d.). Three Rivers Whitewater Rafting is one of Maines most popular spots. Three Rivers has a few different packages to offer, according (Three Rivers Whitewater, n.d.): “Log Cabin: $255.00-$315.00*, Bunk House: $231.00- $261*, Camping: $201.00- $231.00*.”, “ These packages include lodging, rafting, wetsuits all meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Even that late night “Ruptured Raft” sundae that will keep you dancing all night is included!”. Three Rivers Rafting is a good family spot, Three Rivers is also known to do school packages as well. Sunday River has a ton of opportunities for Skiers. The Mountain at Sunday River has “870 skiable acres, 135 trails & glades, 2,340 vertical feet, 15 lifts (Sunday River, n.d.).” Sunday River also has a Snowsports school where they staff teach Skiing and snowboarding. Jordan Spa is also offered at Sunday River, “offers a wide variety of spa services, from massages and body treatments to facials and nails (Sunday River, n.d.)”.

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Sunday River has several Season passes that are offered on their website the most expensive is the Gold New England Pass and the Lowest price season pass is the College New England Pass where you must be taking a 9-credit class load during the winter to be able to attain the Silver college New England Pass. Northern Outdoors “offer outstanding fly fishing for Maine’s four major cold-water fish species right from our doorstep. Acrobatic landlocked salmon, rugged brown trout, frisky rainbow trout, and the legendary brook trout abound in the Upper Kennebec Watershed. (Northern Outdoors, n.d.)”. Going fly fishing through Northern Outdoors they would supply the transportation needed to get to the lodge and river, supplying snacks and lunch. All trips through Northern Outdoors are catch and release. The guides will show you the best areas to fish, and the best techniques. Destination Moosehead Lake does Moose Safaris where you take a tour with a private guide to find Maines thriving moose population. A good portion of travers who come to Maine are hoping to see a moose in their travels and this is one way to be able to see this illusive animal.

The tours guides will take you to places such as ponds where moose feed “in the Moosehead Lake Region, the moose outnumber people three to one (Destination Moosehead Lake, n.d.)”. So, this is one way of seeing a moose when traveling to Maine. Summer in Maine is one of the mostly popular times for travelers to visit. So, coming to Maine in the summer her are a few places to go visit or somethings to do. Festivals in Maine are huge just to name a few “the well-known Yarmouth Clam Festival, the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland and the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival (Maine Invites You, n.d.)”. These are just a few of the many festival the Mainers celebrate food, and community. Acadia National Park is also one of the many tourist spots. “Acadia National Park protects the natural beauty of the highest rocky headlands along the Atlantic coastline of the United States, an abundance of habitats with high biodiversity, clean air and water, and a rich cultural heritage. Each year, more than 3.3 million people explore seven peaks above 1,000 feet, 158 miles of hiking trails, and 45 miles of carriage roads with 16 stone bridges. (National Park Service, n.d.) ” Arcadia National Park is a huge aspect of Maine just coming into our major city’s you can see it on the route signs.

Fall in Maine is beyond beautiful, Maines foliage is like nothing else and our festivals and fairs are wonderful. Maine also has a lot of local farmers markets and apple orchards that are pick your own orchards. According to (Maine Invites You, n.d.) “Fall also brings food and wine celebrations like the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta, the Acadia Oktoberfest and the Great Maine Apple Day in Unity. The Cumberland County Fair and the Fryeburg Fair are a few of Maine’s many fall agricultural fairs.” Maine Invites You bring up wonderful aspect of fall in Maine, fairs. Maine fairs are very family oriented and the Fryeburg Fair is one of the biggest fairs in Maine attracting “more than 300,000 people annually (Fryeburg Fair , n.d.)”, this being in state and out of state. Winter in Maine brings skiers from out of state along with people who like snow. (Maine Invites You, n.d.) says: “Skiers visiting Maine can look forward to outstanding snow conditions, beautiful trails and cozy inns and resorts.

Spend a day downhill skiing or tubing before warming up with some local pub fare”. Some local ski areas that are enjoyable are: Spruce Mountain Ski Slope in Jay, Lost valley in Auburn Maine, Black Mountain of Maine in Rumford Maine, Saddleback Maine in Rangeley, Sunday River Resort in Newry. There are a ton of smaller mountains, but these are the well-known Ski areas in Maine. Spruce Mountain Ski Slope located in Jay, Maine. The Trails include “Green Circle Trails (easy)- 3, Blue Square Trails (harder)- 5, Black Diamond Trails (hardest)- 3, X-country ski trails, snowshoeing (Spruce Mountain Ski Slope, n.d.)”. Spruce Mountain has a 300-foot vertical rise, its snow making covers about fifty percent of the trails. There are eleven trails at the Spruce Mountain Ski Slope. Spruce Mountain also has a ski school and few different options for their hours and rates. Lost Valley Ski Area is in Auburn Maine. This ski area has a “variety of 22 trails and 2 terrain park offers a full and interesting ski day for skiers of all abilities. Most of Lost Valley’s trails are rated easiest and intermediate while challenging expert skiers with a few difficult trails. (Lost Valley Ski, n.d.)”.

The mountain also has lessons for skiing and snowboarding, you can pick between private lessons, private group lessons, or them learn to ski or snowboard lesson, Private lesson multi-pack, Multi- week lesson programs. Lost Valley Skis prices and hours vary. This ski area also has a snowshoeing trails and special ticket offers for college students, military, and senior citizens. Black Mountain of Maine located in Rumford, Maine. Black Mountains ““ski & snowboarding terrain is the 3rd tallest currently operating in Maine with 1380’” , “ Two chair lifts & a T-bar connect you to over 50 trails & glades”, “Black Mountain boasts over 70% of snowmaking coverage.” (Ski Black Mountain, n.d.)”. Black mountain is extremely family and school friendly. Black Mountain has programs such as Ski school, Racing. This mountain also has a tube park for those who don’t ski. Sadly, Saddleback Mountain in non-operational Ski area located in Rangeley, Maine. The mountain has been non-operational since 2017 due to some issues with being bought. This shut down of the mountain is affecting the local skiers of Maine and will hopefully in years to come be up and running again.

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