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Human Resource Management Essay

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Handling nagging carryover employee grievance problems. In this case Sam cannot solve Sally Foster and Curt Davis cases 5. Handling the pay check issues/payroll 6. Listening to all the problems the managers and with admits 7. Checking several termination reports 8. Interviews several job applicants 9. Explaining the benefits, retirements benefits/pension benefits 10. Attending meeting with other department to understand and achieve goals for company. Egg: Sam went to a staff meeting to discus about quality control 11. Preparing a major medical package that ad been proposed by and insurance company 12.

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Human Resource Management
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Ensure the fit persons and fulfill the prospects to be sent to the production team 13. Must face the problems from union. In this case, Boy Scout troop selling advertisements in a program for rally Q List the areas of ineffective management and timeservers that are affecting Sam 1. The production superintendent called to discuss his need to hire several production people. He wanted experienced people an was not happy with some of the prospects Cam’s department has sent them The empowerment to the production superintendent should e given to ensure the candidate is fulfill the requirement as the department needed.

. Not all meetings should involve Sam. For instance for the meetings that always drag on so long and have nothing seem real important to HRS need to be avoided. 3. Cecil Hardy came in to discuss retirement/pension plan and talking about golf activity plan should be held on another day as Sam at the moment is busy with the job applicants interview session 4. Sam sat listening to all the problems the manager had with admits such a waste of time and he should solve the problems himself 5. The situation off buzz as the applicants and interviewers progresses is one of the areas of ineffective management.

They should have a better system to handle the Q Discuss Cam’s career progress. Is he now profitable? He is now is not recommended for promotion because in this case, Sam did a very little creative work. He makes routine task with no extraordinary, no new strategy for the company’s development. No creative or special project work done. He is not able to make much progress with the grievances. In short, he makes no new contribution to the company so he is not yet recommended for a promotion.

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