Human Service Interview

Interview with a Human Service Worker Upon the start of this assignment, I had a couple human service workers in mind to interview. I ultimately decide to interview Joy Sultan, a teacher/couselor for Chapter One Students at Hamilton Crossing Elementary school in Cartersville, Georgia. She works with troubled second grade students. Initial Contact When initially contacting Mrs. Sultan, I could have used a letter, email, or phone to set up the interview. I also could have done the interview in person, by phone, or online through email or messenger.

I know Mrs. Sultan through her son, who is a friend of my husband, so it was not hard to get in touch with her. I called her because I felt it appropriate and a little more personal, since I know here socially. If I had not already known Mr. Sultan, then I may have sent an email or a letter because it seems more formal and professional. The actual interview was conducted partially in person and in part over the phone. Interview Questions 1. Was working with “troubled” children your choice, or were you a teacher who was given this responsibility?

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J  Sultan (personal communication, February 6, 2010) said, “I actually started as a regular elementary school teacher. I only really wanted to work with children in the first and second grade. I somewhat volunteered for the position, but I’m glad did. ” 2. How do you define “troubled”? I actually don’t define the children as troubled; the program does, a little. They use it to mean when children have behavior issues in class and/or issues with learning at the same pace as the other children, mostly in reading. 3. What is the most demanding part of your job?

The most demanding and somewhat difficult part of my job is having a new student introduced into my class. I don’t really have big issues with behavior. I think that if others took time with them as I do, they would not have to be in my class. 4. What is the most rewarding part of your job? The most rewarding part is teaching a child to read at the appropriate level and above that another teacher may have labeled as somewhat slow. 5. What is the most difficult challenge you have faced to date in your job? When I first started, figuring different ways to reach the children so that I can help them in learning. . How many students do you have in your class, and is it ever overwhelming? I don’t have a steady classroom. I have different students throughout the day. I usually have between eight and 12 students at a time. The class is small so I can have “eyes in the back of my head” and give students the attention they needs. 7. How involved are the parents of the students? Some students are more involved than others. Because I am like a “reading teacher”, I don’t really interact with a lot of parents, but sometimes a parent will just want to know how their child is progressing. . Do you ever feel that you become too attached to students, or make things too personal? No. I feel attached to all of the students, but I can’t really see how I could take things too personal. All of them are my kids. 9. Do you ever feel that your teaching time or your counseling time is taken up too much by the other? I think because I have found a balance in the way to teach them and counsel them, I don’t have to separate the two. 10. What intervention strategy is most useful when dealing with the children?

The biggest tool that I use is active listening, if that is what you mean. I let them know that they are important and that this is an open forum. Students seem to feel comfortable with learning, and so they ask questions and apply themselves. 11. What personal traits do you think someone should have if they plan to join your career field? Patience is the biggest things because you can’t rush the children. You have to also be persistent because sometimes it takes longer than you expect to get the result you want, especially with children.

Every child is different and you have to be versatile in your teaching style and counseling style as well. Hamilton Crossing Elementary School From the interview, I gathered that the overall atmosphere of the school was based on the success of the students. I did get the impression that there are individual teachers that are not as good with the students, and not as invested in their careers dealing with the children. I think that working in the same capacity as Joy Sultan would actually fit me because I love children, and I love helping people.

It also helps that she works with children who mostly know right from wrong and are potty trained. I could do the work, but I do not feel that the income would fit what I am looking for in a career, although the human services field as a whole is not greatly paid. Working in this capacity would also be fulfilling for me because I am realizing my need to see progress in what I do. Being able to see it in a child and helping to mold them into a better version of themselves would be a great feeling. Having that feeling over and over again would keep me looking forward to going to work everyday.

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