Human Service Interview

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Interview with a Human Service Worker
Upon starting this assignment, I had a few human service workers in mind to interview. Ultimately, I chose to interview Joy Sultan, a teacher/counselor for Chapter One Students at Hamilton Crossing Elementary school in Cartersville, Georgia. Mrs. Sultan specializes in working with troubled second grade students.
Initial Contact
To initially contact Mrs. Sultan, I had several options: a letter, email, or phone call to set up the interview. Additionally, I could have conducted the interview in person, via phone call, or online through email or messenger.

I easily contacted Mrs. Sultan as I am acquainted with her through her son, who is a friend of my husband. I opted to reach out to her via phone because I thought it was appropriate and more personal given our social connection. If I didn’t already know Mr. Sultan, I might have considered sending an email or letter since it would have appeared more formal and professional. The interview itself encompassed both in-person and phone discussions.

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Interview Questions:
1. Did you actively choose to work with “troubled” children, or were you assigned this responsibility as a teacher?

According to J Sultan (personal communication, February 6, 2010), he initially began his career as an elementary school teacher with a preference for working with children in the first and second grade. Although he somewhat volunteered for the position, he expressed his satisfaction with his decision. When asked to define “troubled,” Sultan stated that he does not personally label the children as troubled, but rather the program does to refer to behavior issues in class or difficulties in learning, particularly in reading. Furthermore, when asked about the most demanding aspect of his job, Sultan did not provide a direct response.

The most difficult part of my job is when a new student joins my class. While I don’t face major behavior problems, I believe that if others invested the same amount of time as me, they wouldn’t need to be in my class. However, it is incredibly rewarding to teach a child how to read at a level that another teacher might consider slow. Initially, finding different methods to reach and help these children learn was challenging.

As for class size, it varies throughout the day with typically eight to twelve students at once. This small class size allows me to closely monitor them and provide the necessary attention.

In terms of parental involvement, some parents are more engaged than others. Since my main focus is reading instruction, interactions with parents are not extensive. Occasionally, parents may inquire about their child’s progress.

I do not think getting too attached or taking things personally is an issue for me. All of my students feel like my own kids and I am connected to each one of them.

Lastly, there are times when teaching or counseling takes up more of my time. However, because I have found a harmonious approach in both roles while working with the children, there isn’t a need for distinction between them.

What intervention strategy proves most effective in dealing with these children?

The primary tool I utilize is active listening, ensuring that students understand their significance and creating an open forum for communication. This fosters a comfortable learning environment where students feel at ease asking questions and engaging with the material. As for the personal traits required in my career field, patience is crucial since children cannot be rushed. Additionally, persistence is essential as achieving desired outcomes, particularly with children, may take longer than anticipated.

Every child is unique, requiring adaptable teaching and counseling approaches. The atmosphere at Hamilton Crossing Elementary School centers around student achievement. However, it is apparent that certain teachers lack strong rapport with their students and are less committed to their profession involving children. I believe working in the same role as Joy Sultan would be a perfect fit for me since I have a genuine passion for both children and assisting others.

Working with children is advantageous as they are mostly aware of right and wrong and have achieved potty training. Although the income in the human services field is generally not high, I believe it would not align with my career aspirations. Nonetheless, it would be personally gratifying to witness the progress made by children and contribute to shaping them into better individuals. Experiencing this feeling repeatedly would certainly keep me motivated to go to work every day.

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