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David Batstone is a professor at the University of San Francisco who is also an author and journalist. He is the cofounder and president of the Not For Sale Campaign, which raises awareness about human trafficking and offers courses in citizenship investigation, consumer fair-trade advocacy, and aftercare. The organization also provides information on how to start a Not For Sale Club on high school and college campuses. His book, Not for Sale, tells true stories of personal loss and struggles before being rescued from human trafficking. This resource provides practical information for those interested in eradicating human trafficking.

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David Batstone, an expert in business and social responsibility at the University of San Francisco, is known for his work as an author, journalist, and contributor to various publications including the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Wired, and Spin. Alongside his academic role, Batstone co-founded and leads the Not For Sale Campaign—an organization committed to monitoring human trafficking.

The Not For Sale Campaign is an active organization that engages in ongoing research on slavery. They also offer various courses in areas such as citizenship investigation, consumer fair-trade advocacy, innovative aftercare, and awareness training for healthcare professionals. Additionally, the campaign provides resources for starting Not For Sale Clubs in high schools and colleges, fostering unity among young people to combat human slavery.

In his book Not for Sale, Professor Batstone sheds light on the true stories of individuals who endured personal loss, heartbreak, and struggles before being rescued from the dark world of human trafficking. The book serves as a valuable resource, as it compiles both personal accounts shared with David Batstone during his travels and his own experiences within the United States.

This webpage can also offer practical, hands-on information for individuals who are interested in joining the effort to eliminate human trafficking but are uncertain about how or where to begin. (Authors: Dana, Marjorie)

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