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Mun- Brazil Human Trafficking

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Policy Paper (MUN) A good morning to the honorable chair, vice chair and fellow delegates. The Federative Republic of Brazil is home to one sixth of the world’s population. This makes Brazil today one of the fastest devolving countries in the world. A regular attendee of UN conferences and discussions globally, Brazil considers itself as a key member of the United Nations and strongly believes in the work the UN does.

The pressing issue at hand is trans-boundary organized crime.

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Mun- Brazil Human Trafficking
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Brazil strongly opposes this issue since it is gradually increasing in our own country. Brazil experiences various types of organized crime in minor quantities but the most persistent crime in a much larger quantity is drug trafficking. Large amounts of cocaine produced in Peru and Columbia pass through Brazil on their way to the United States and Europe.

While travelling through the enormous country the drugs are exposed to the locals. From this point on the situation can get only tougher to handle.

These drugs then make their way into the drinks of non-drug consuming tourist’s and are wrongly used in medical care of residents. These crimes usually take place in regions filled with poverty as the quick cash made by the sales of drugs can be very hard to resist.

Brazil believe that if the locals weren’t exposed to the drugs then the all the scenarios wouldn’t be taking place clearly pointing towards how we need to take action against the trading routes which drug –processors take when exporting and importing drugs. Being home to the Amazon River this task isn’t as easy as it might be for other neighboring countries exporting drugs to Brazil, but evidently this action is being taken there. Another way of trying to prevent this crime is to have very seivre penalties for going against

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