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Hope. It is something that we can keep on to at times. One in which the chief character in the film. Richard Neville. merely had. He had hoped that he can salvage the humanity and with finding. he did. The film itself shows to us many values and lessons that each 1 has to larn in life. Like him. sometimes we besides need to believe of others first before ourselves. as what he did to salvage the female parent and the kid on the last portion and besides by making his best to detect the counterpoison entirely shows his unity to humanity. Next. throughout the film he treated his best friend. the Canis familiaris. like it was like him. Therefore the film besides tells us that we need to esteem life regardless of what he/she is for the society. Third. his intelligence shown to us that in life. in order to last we must utilize our marbless. And eventually. the find of the cure-gone-wrong for malignant neoplastic disease shows to us what we are now. people have ever been non contented with what they have. although I am non stating that its bad yet we besides need to set restrictions on what we are making for as to what they say “Too much and excessively less of something is undesirable” .


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The film is approximately. Richard Neville. the last adult male on Earth.

Neville is a strong-willed virologist who persistently remains in his hometown as the remainder of his group escaped a virus that kills most of its victims and reduces any subsisters to the bloodlust of driveling. light-sensitive beings. Neville’s married woman and girl died off in a deliverance copter as Bridgess explode and the metropolis turns into insanity.

Three old ages subsequently. the streets of his hometown are abandoned. His lone comrade is Sam. a female Canis familiaris. who has a head of her ain. but remains loyal to her human friend.

By twenty-four hours. Neville and Sam monitor a topographic point point described in his recorded transmittal to a deaf planet. Hunt vampire-zombies who hide from sunshine. and fulfill their DVD wonts at a local picture shop populated by manikins strategically dressed and postitioned by Neville himself. By dark. the virologist works on retroflexing his ain unsusceptibility. in the hope of happen a redress for a cure-gone-wrong. Driven somewhat unhinged by his purdah. Neville still holds out hope that person else survived.


a. Infected Persons– they are afraid of sunshine as their tegument might be burned– their physical features are somewhat unwanted ( e. g. being hairless and their tegument )-infected with a virus and wants the infection to distribute.-difficult to be cured-goes out at dark and Hunts as they are afraid of sunshine-hides in dark rendezvous at daylight

B. Virus-was supposed to be a remedy for malignant neoplastic disease but mutated to something worse-fast infecting-communicable from infected to none-can be air borne-deadly-difficult to eliminate

Chief Problem/Solution:The chief job of the narrative is about how to kill off the virus that continues to distribute in different ways. and on how to convey back humanity in its normal province. One solution remains. the remedy that Richard Neville has discovered. About the rubric “I am Legend” :

For me. there are two grounds why they titled the film as “I am Legend” . First. because a universe where everyone is a lamia and you are the lone human kill offing them is like one turned inverted. Therefore he is legend for he is like the “vampire” for the lamias. Next is that he is “Legend” because he discovered the remedy for the epidemic/pandemic and hence he is historical to the humanity in the movie.

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